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    SP4 & MS Wireless Display - 30Hz?

    My SP4 is up to date as is my firmware on my MS Wireless Display Adapter, Version 2. I'm using the extend display option. While using the MS Wireless Display Adapter, I connect to my second display and it only allows for 30Hz in the driver menu. There is no option to change it to 60Hz. In this...
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    Can I Re-Install the Windows Anniversary Update?

    This post started as a question. Since then, I found the ISO file for the Anniversary Update to download and I attempted to reinstall it on top of / replacing the original one I received from auto-update. Short answer is the ISO will install over the auto-update file, but it didn't solve my...
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    Digging the new MS wireless display adapter

    Just a PSA: I have been using the PTV3000 for a few years, now with my SP4, after council from this board dating back to my SP2. I have had several issues recently where it (PTV) randomly drops connection. Tried various drivers, firmware, resolution, etc. Just not reliable. Picked up the new...
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    Help: Fix "Advanced Sizing" of Fonts?

    I have the SP4 with updated drivers . Everything works great with one exception. I want all text, whether on SP4 display, extended to a TV, or on my Samsung Ultrawide, to always be 11 point as noted in this screenshot. I want it 11 for every one of the drop downs. No matter what I do, it won't...
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    Help with i7 - What is listed in Device Settings for CPU?

    I am about to buy a SP4 on Craigslist from a local seller. It is listed as an i7 with 265 storage. I want to ensure the CPU is indeed an i7 when I get there today. What is displayed when selecting My Computer, Properties ? Intel Core i7 - 6650U? (for example, my SP2 shows the following...
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    The next big thing - from MS or others?

    Still rocking along on my SP2. I've had the moments of envy - eyeing the SP3, but haven't found the need to upgrade yet. It seems that the next wave of chips will make a platform swap worthwile to me - from the perspective of performance and pocketbook. I am among those who enjoy gaming on my...
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    I've wasted some $ on games. Can you help?

    I have the SP2, and using Steam I have purchased and have played: Portal 2 (it's incredible by the way) Brothers - A Tale of Two Sons (also awesome!) Castle of Illusion Others from MS Store (all work fine) Then I purchased Q.U.B.E. and Quantum Conundrum. Neither work, even on the lowest...
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    On Sale - Halo: Spartan Assault

    Simple heads up: Just noticed this was on sale for 60% off in the MS Store. It is $1.99 US as of 7/13 with five days remaining. Just loaded up and it plays flawlessly on SP2 with XBox wired controller.
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    rabbids Big Bang is Free

    not sure it is any good, just noticed it was free vs 1.99 standard price.
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    Does my SP2 have normal or sub par battery life?

    I'm very novice at discerning expected battery yield as 1) I'm not up to par on the expected results and 2) I normally use my SP2 plugged in to AC. Yesterday I tried using it as a tablet only and had 2.5-3.0 hours of use, but I was running allot of stuff. So, searching these forums, I...
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    Seeking Advice: Restore, File History, and OneDrive

    I have File History turned on. It backs my Documents folder up to my tiny USB drive that's always installed. Very helpful. I have a desktop license of Office 2013 - so I manually backup my 17GB Outlook file to my SD card every so often (I have to exit Outlook first). Then I manually create a...
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    AIO Remote and Surface Pro2

    This is a pretty cool little app and it's free. Works with BlackBerry and Android phones through BT or WiFi, allowing you to control your SP with your phone (mouse, manage playlist, etc.). Also works great for wireless PowerPoint tool. AIO Remote
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    Change display settings for projecto

    I feel so dumb asking this. I know to press the Windows + p to select mirror display. But the LCD projector is at 1024x768 and I can only have the LCD or SP2 rez set (one or the other, not both independent). Is there a way to have the SP2 remain at its native and set the LCD projector to its...
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    SP2, IE11 and Webex

    I can only get Webex to work with Chrome, not IE. Works fine with earlier IE versions. Seems to be a Webex issue. My search on their site and general web searches are fruitless. Just wondering if any gurus here figured out a work around. Metro would be ideal, but desktop would be fine with me...
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    Anyone Else use Classic Shell?

    I love this little app: Classic Shell - Start menu and other Windows enhancements It changes my Start button in desktop mode to the old Windows 7 start functionality - including menus, etc.. I then went on to add the old "Quick Launch toolbar". My Desktop experience is like it was on Windows...
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    Totally LOVE my Surface Pro 2

    It's been a long time since I have had a piece of technology that really wows me. I've used BlackBerry, Android, Apple, Palm and MS products. I've enjoyed each of these manufacturers and OS providers technology. But, I've never been so amazed at any of my past purchases as I have with the...
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    256/512 pre-orders delayed until Dec15?

    Ugh. This puts a huge damper on my enthusiasm and timing... Was returning my PRO this month under Best Buy policy while the new one was arriving. CNET article
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    Really excited for SP2 delivery

    I am very eager to receive my pre-order. I don't remember being this excited about technology that I have purchased before. I chose the 256/8 with Type Cover 2. While I love the SP1, I believe the larger storage, increased memory, USB 3, MS Windows 8.1 PRO, battery improvement, kickstand, CPU...

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