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    SP4 & MS Wireless Display - 30Hz?

    Impatient, I posted the same question on Reddit. I was told it is limited to 30Hz at 1080p and there's nothing I can do about it except lower the res. I guess I mistakenly thought it was 60Hz in the past - and that a recent firmware update capped it. I guess I was wrong and it is what it is.
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    SP4 & MS Wireless Display - 30Hz?

    My SP4 is up to date as is my firmware on my MS Wireless Display Adapter, Version 2. I'm using the extend display option. While using the MS Wireless Display Adapter, I connect to my second display and it only allows for 30Hz in the driver menu. There is no option to change it to 60Hz. In this...
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    I've Changed My Mind: The SP4 is Terrible

    Wow. So sorry to learn of your issues. I've had the SP, SP2 and now an i7 256 with 8GB SP4. The only issue I have had was with the Anniversary Update - delivered through Auto Updates. I had three weird issues - one where MAPS wouldn't open at all, one with the XBOX app not opening and had to get...
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    Can I Re-Install the Windows Anniversary Update?

    This post started as a question. Since then, I found the ISO file for the Anniversary Update to download and I attempted to reinstall it on top of / replacing the original one I received from auto-update. Short answer is the ISO will install over the auto-update file, but it didn't solve my...
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    Running warm and draining battery

    I don't think I'm supposed to link to reddit. But, after this latest update (1511) I discovered some strange things happening with sleep and my device was running much hotter than ever before. I always attributed these issues to "someone must be running an app, or doing something wierd, or not...
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    App flipping from display 2 to display 1 when under stress

    That is odd. The shortcut to swap an active window to the other monitor is Win key+shift+right/left arrow. Is there any chance you are using a combo, a Touchme Gesture shortcut, or that the program uses something in its process that would trigger it?
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    Digging the new MS wireless display adapter

    I turned Cortana off. Does it actually remind you, or did I just fall for it..? I am not in a position to test it ATM, but if that works... I'm turning her back on for that very reason. Of course, I would likely have put away my SP into its case to depart, thus ruining the value, but that is so...
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    Digging the new MS wireless display adapter

    I picked it up yesterday in Best Buy in Brentwood, TN. They just brought them out.
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    Digging the new MS wireless display adapter

    Just a PSA: I have been using the PTV3000 for a few years, now with my SP4, after council from this board dating back to my SP2. I have had several issues recently where it (PTV) randomly drops connection. Tried various drivers, firmware, resolution, etc. Just not reliable. Picked up the new...
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    Surface Pro 4 - I feel ashamed for buying it.

    My shame comes from loving the thing so darn much. I shouldn't love a piece of technology like this... Shame on me!
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    Help: Fix "Advanced Sizing" of Fonts?

    I have the SP4 with updated drivers . Everything works great with one exception. I want all text, whether on SP4 display, extended to a TV, or on my Samsung Ultrawide, to always be 11 point as noted in this screenshot. I want it 11 for every one of the drop downs. No matter what I do, it won't...
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    Surface Pro 4 with Dell 25" or 27" monitor?

    Good thread. Thanks. I am looking at the Dell 34" ultrawide and these specs seem similar with scaling and res
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    Help with i7 - What is listed in Device Settings for CPU?

    All set. Thanks community :-)
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    Help with i7 - What is listed in Device Settings for CPU?

    I am about to buy a SP4 on Craigslist from a local seller. It is listed as an i7 with 265 storage. I want to ensure the CPU is indeed an i7 when I get there today. What is displayed when selecting My Computer, Properties ? Intel Core i7 - 6650U? (for example, my SP2 shows the following...
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    no luck getting Power Cover even to be recognized

    My crazy fantasy is one day MS would bring a base keyboard (simillar to SB) out with dGPU, extra battery, more ports, etc, as an optional upgrade for the SP lines. Even cooler, if the base could be upgraded with additional ram, storage newer dGPU. Then you could upgrade SP line over time (2 or...
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    Tempted to return my sp4 and get a SB

    I bet SB2 will have a stand. Would be so cool if you had a SB1, the new model comes out, and you just choose to buy a display vs whole new keyboard base too.
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    YouTube app does not work on SP4

    Try opening any browser installed or install the browser of your choice. Then visit YouTube from a web browser.
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    SP3 i7 vs SP4 i5?

    I always like Macmee's posts. He gets right to the heart of the matter here. I skipped the SP3, much to my personal astonishment, as I read the results of many users' frustrations with throttling. I know I would have been very frustrated if I bought the SP3 i7 and played a game - just like I'm...
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    SP3 vs SP4

    Saw this after typing my comments in my prior post. Reading it now.
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    SP3 vs SP4

    I thought the SP4, aside from the entry version M, has a fan. Does it not? What I meant to imply with my comment was I am interested in how the new generation of CPU performs under load within virtually the same footprint as the SP3.

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