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    Solved Is it not possible to get rid of the hump in the touch cover

    mine is still very slighlty raised because I always kept it magnetically attached to the base. I guess the keyboard got deformed from always being folded. I never use the keyboard flat anyway since the tables at my school are not that clean and the keyboard's material is a wonderful dirt magnet.
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    Sick of fingerprints!! Solution?

    Use the pen for mouse clicks and the trackpad for scrolling. Or get the arc mouse...which I won't do since it is an added object to carry around
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    please tell me theres an easier way of taking screenshots in metro

    Does FN + Space work on Metro? It works on my SP3. PS: I have no idea what metro is.
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    Using the pen's flick function - does it work?

    Hahaha. I see it but it doesn't work on mine as well. Just the hand icon
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    Yellow stripe at top of screen getting worse

    I don't have it on mine. :O I hope I never will
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    Type cover stops responding.. alt tab fixes it?

    Mine does this sometimes. I don't know what triggers it. It happens when it's coming from sleep. It was either when I attach it while it was sleeping or detach it while sleeping. I can't remember. It's easily fixed so I didn't bother
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    Surface Pro 3 i5 4gb vs 8 gb (Student work (Java?) + League of Legends)

    I'm doing my python programming on my i3. So far no problems. I don't use my Sp3 to write down notes though. I still prefer paper because I am from a different generation. But I do store the lecture powerpoints on it so I can view it anytime. I haven't played games on it yet because I seldom...
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    Do Not BUY SP3. You will be sorry

    Pretty sure this is a local courier problem. MS shipped my SP3 without any padding on a box thrice the thickness of the sp3 box and it didn't arrive broken. This is seriously the box it came in. When the courier dude handed it to me, it rattled a bit I took a video of the unboxing for insurance...
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    Running the heck out of an i3.

    Hi, I am also using the i3. I did have problems with the pen at the start. It was opening OneNote but not doing the double click screen shot. I tried updating it and then uninstalling and re-installing OneNote until it finally worked. There were times when the pen loses its connection to the...
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    Macgirl here, considering dumping my Mac and ipad for a SP3

    Being a tablet with a keyboard attached can be bothersome sometimes. It isn't a laptop so it won't stand on its own. Right now, I am typing on my SP3 with it resting on my blanket bunched up to make bump so the tablet is against it. But I do love it. It just looks so classy and professional.
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    attempted to buy at retailer - bad experience

    Most retail people are like that. They try to make it seem like they are helping you get a better deal. They will suggest cheaper alternatives. Show their 'expertise'. I don't know. It must be the training or purely personal preference. Apple is hugely popular in America. I'm pretty sure that...
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    List of top 3 likes and dislikes about SP3

    Pros 1. Portability 2. Power 3. USB Port Cons 1. Price 2. Dirt magnet type cover 3. Type cover is an added expense
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    Final Fantasy XIII plays great on my SP3!

    it's a turn based game that plays pre-rendered cutscenes from time to time. shouldn't require that much power. yeah i have played it.
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    Can I disable the pen's One Note button?

    Unscrew the top portion of the pen, look in the center of the spring, you will see a screw. Unscrew that screw and remove the small batteries that powers the bluetooth
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    I have a good excuse not to buy an SP3

    If you're retired, I don't know what use you'll have for a 1.1kg PC. Unless you're the type of person who goes outside his house but have a computer in front of his face the whole day anyway.
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    Just went out and brought 2 Surface pro 3 for my kids

    you should've tried it out yourself to see if you are experiencing those problems But anyway, I am not sure if your kids will like the SP3. I think kids prefer the ipads or android tablets because of the amount of games they can play on it. if your 'kids' are on college level, they will love it.
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    Do people tend to whip out their laptops next to you while you're using your SP3?

    Lol. I guess this is a thing people do. Showing off what they have. No stranger has approached and asked me about the SP3 yet. I guess I don't look that approachable. -_-. But my friends do comment how cool it is.
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    Do people tend to whip out their laptops next to you while you're using your SP3?

    I have just noticed people tend to do this when I'm on the bus and using my SP 3 to do assignments or review lectures. For the past 6 months that I've been using the same bus, no one had brought out their laptops. But on 2 out of 3 occasions that someone sat next to me while using my SP3, the...
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    Type Cover Color Popularity

    It's quite interesting that a lot of people actually have the black... Sucks when you don't have much color choice in your local store :/