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    My Surface Pro 3 Experience Post Mortem

    First, please let me make this perfectly clear - I still believe the SP3 is a fantastic device of evolutionary design, and I would not hesitate to recommend it to others. I just thought I would provide a bit of feedback on why I decided it's not for me. This is purely meant as informational...
  2. Geek.Verve

    Any way to keep dust out of the SP3?

    Considering the fact that the SP3 is so thin, I would imagine dust could more likely become a problem at some point. I would also think the fact that the air intake vents are on the top would exacerbate this. Does anyone know of any available solutions on the market to address this? Any...
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    Thinking of returning my i5 for an i7

    Hello, everyone first post. I bought the i5 8/256GB SP3 a couple days ago. Loving it so far, but haven't had the time to really give it a work out. Oddly enough I find that I prefer typing on the type cover in the flat position, rather than raised (a little too much of a springboard feel for...