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  1. gabe406

    Screen protector

    Anyone see any screen protectors for the SB?
  2. gabe406

    Android Bootable USB

    Has anyone had success in creating and booting into an Android OS from a USB stick? I have tried and it seems as if the SP2 will not boot to the USB OS. I have tried it on a standard PC and it works fine. I have used these two methods...
  3. gabe406

    Wireless 5GHz wireless reconnection issues

    Hell everyone, I did a quick search here and did not see anyone having this problem but I am hoping I missed a post or looking forward to having anyone shed some light on a frustrating issue with the wireless connection. I have a D-Link 650 that is setup with dual band 2 and 5 GHz. There is...
  4. gabe406

    SP2 Warranty

    I have seen some scattered posts on extended warranties not showing up under registered devices in the and wanted to know if anyone else has experienced this or if they have any recommendations. I just purchased an SP2 512 from the local MS Store with the warranty bundle...
  5. gabe406

    Best Way to Prepare for Selling SP1

    I have a SP1 that will be going to my wife. I will also be getting the SP2 as a replacement for myself. The questions I have is, assuming I backup all my data, what would be the best way to refresh the SP1? For example, I know that resetting to factory defaults would require the 8.1 update and...
  6. gabe406

    Solved Missing Desktop Icons

    Hello Group, I hope to ask for some resolving a problem that has come up on my 128GB Surface Pro. I had created some folders on the Desktop and placed some shortcuts there as well. In the past week I have applied updates and installed some programs, but failed to notice when my desktop icons...

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