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  1. gabe406

    Scratched my surface book after one week

    Now that is a a great way of looking at it. I have a slight ding in the tablet part of the cover and was thinking of returning it. But it works fine and I just keep it with the understanding that it's part of its character.
  2. gabe406

    Official I ordered a Surface Book

    Well, I can't believe MS (third party) called me back. From what they told the cancelled orders were marked and are on a list. The Customer Support told me even though the reprocessed order shows 6-7 weeks my order may be pulled from the original order stock. At this point I don't believe it and...
  3. gabe406

    Official I ordered a Surface Book

    Here is what PC World is reporting: Microsoft makes good on cancelled Surface Book pre-orders I am just going to have to wait now...
  4. gabe406

    Official I ordered a Surface Book

    Mine just got cancelled after 4 failed attempts. Tech I talked to told me 24 hours before I get an answer. I asked why so long and she told me they are having lots of order problems. Had this ordered on the 7th and because some BS on their end it is now cancelled. This sucks!!!
  5. gabe406

    Screen protector

    Anyone see any screen protectors for the SB?
  6. gabe406

    Acronis TI 2014 with SP3

    kurtkurtosis, I am very curious about creating a single USB recovery solution using Macrium, but I am not sure how to do it. Would it be possible for you to share how its done? Can I use an external USB hard disk and make it bootable with Macrium so all I have to do is connect the HD and boot...
  7. gabe406

    Issues with PDF Annotating

    I too looked long and hard in how to get PDF into OneNote without printing it. When you print a PDF to OneNote (as a default) I think it opens in a picture format. In some ways this is ok for small pdf's but when it comes to a large PDF, some simple and useful features are removed such as text...
  8. gabe406

    Android Bootable USB

    Well...hope is not all lost. I went to the Intel Android files and downloaded the Haswell 4.2.2 img, used the image writer to port onto USB key, turned off the TPM and Secure Boot and was able to load the live version on the SP2. Only one problem for me was (as expected) no wireless drivers...
  9. gabe406

    Android Bootable USB

    Yes, the UEFI is a big problem. And from a link from the last link I provided, Intel has Android UEFI img files which address the UEFI. I also tried that but I was not ready to create a dual boot SP2 without a backup. I definitely agree that drivers would be a nightmare. I will keep trying for a...
  10. gabe406

    Android Bootable USB

    Has anyone had success in creating and booting into an Android OS from a USB stick? I have tried and it seems as if the SP2 will not boot to the USB OS. I have tried it on a standard PC and it works fine. I have used these two methods...
  11. gabe406

    Best PDF Editor/Annotator?

    I have looked at all the recommendations and tried most of them, yet I have not found a very simple feature that I long for. I would really like to know if anyone has come across a PDF annotator that allows you to create or display a set of favorite pens and highlighters. In OneNote you can...
  12. gabe406

    who's NOT upgrading to sp3?

    I too agree with all those that have made some great points on why this not the best time to upgrade. Just purchased the SP2 512 in May and even if I could sell everything to absorb some the cost of the new SP3, I am not sure on two major changes: 1. The N-trig pen. I have briefly tried it and...
  13. gabe406

    Wireless 5GHz wireless reconnection issues

    Well, I found some solutions but have not tried them yet. I will try tonight and see what happens. Inside that thread was a registry that was explained to resolve an issue with docked wired ports and not having the ability to maintaining both but I don't think I have that problem. Anyway, thanks...
  14. gabe406

    Wireless 5GHz wireless reconnection issues

    I found this great thread on the exact same problem. I think I will try the option of broadcasting the SSID, then connecting it to the SP2, then set the reconnect options, then turning off the SSID broadcasting. Windows 8: Hidden wireless networks will not reconnect on - Microsoft Community...
  15. gabe406

    Wireless 5GHz wireless reconnection issues

    Hell everyone, I did a quick search here and did not see anyone having this problem but I am hoping I missed a post or looking forward to having anyone shed some light on a frustrating issue with the wireless connection. I have a D-Link 650 that is setup with dual band 2 and 5 GHz. There is...
  16. gabe406

    Windows VM on Surface Pro 2 128GB (4GB RAM) version possible?

    So if I want to build a set of VMs such as Windows XP, Windows 7 I can allocate as little as 768 for basic testing? I would also like to setup some 2012 servers on my SP2, so I am assuming that they would take a little more memory? The VMs are only for functionality testing and not for...
  17. gabe406

    Power Cover

    Its really interesting. You are 100% correct! I plugged in the SP2 with the Power Cover and I watched the battery levels. The SP2 charged to a little over 80% then the cover started charging close to 90% then the SP2 returned to charging to 100% then the cover charged to 100%. Its funny how that...
  18. gabe406

    Power Cover

    I can't believe that the power cover was designed to be charged while on or in sleep mode. That is just wrong. Really, now I have to keep my SP2 on until the power cover is charged or put it in sleep mode? So basically the power cover has to have a powered connection through the SP2 to charge.
  19. gabe406

    Would this work with the Surface 2?

    I too would really like and look forward to the Apex review. It looks like a real nice pen. How did you find out that the Apex is Surface compatible. If it is I just might jump the gun and buy it. Thanks
  20. gabe406

    SP2 Warranty

    So I think I might have solved the problem, but I would love to hear from anyone if they have the same experience. I bought an SP1 on 4/13 with extended warranty. Normal timelines would show standard warranty until 4/15 with extended ACD until 4/15. This was true. Through a series of hardware...