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  1. toaf

    do we think microsoft would ever NOT glue the screen?

    at this point seeing and hearing of battery issues. I would think it is something they should think about. OR at least an opening just to get to important stuff. I didn't turn on my old trusty SP2 for a month or 2.. now it seems to have a battery issue I cant figure out. the power keyboard...
  2. toaf

    Urban Armor case question

    anyone know if the keyboard can be flipped over so it's under the case? i have yet to see or hear anything about it. thanks.
  3. toaf

    time for me to upgrade from my SP2 with power cover

    so, its time for me to upgrade. i know the i5 SP4 is better for battery life but the i7 i hear is a bear. i would say 1 time a month i come home with 20/40% battery life with my SP2 and power cover. do any of you surface gurus have any ideas to help me chose. a part of me thinks the best...
  4. toaf

    mapping a surface pro 2 accelerometer

    ok, if anyone knows how to map the accelerometer to for key binding? i just got a controller that fits on my surface and i would love to use the accelerometer for mouse movement
  5. toaf

    my thoughts after getting a droid

    ok, so i had to jump ship (semi/kinda/sorta) while i love my 1020 even with win 10 on it. my 8 year old daughter and her love for fancy toys has made me get a droid the apps (useful normal apps) are about the same. but I think the apps for toys, trinkets, and gadgets are whats killing our...
  6. toaf

    WOOT the pen to text stuff is just like XP tablet

    yaa. i almost feel like they listened. all hail windows 10.. microsoft just take my money. but i feel like i am on a premium windows device. i feel like i should NOT have to pay extra ever. for the life of my surface at least
  7. toaf

    anyone plug the power keyboard into a s3 yet?

    i would love to hear how long it can run with one on, but I do fear Microsoft has dropped the idea of the power cover :( <---sad panda
  8. toaf

    file system on phone

    anyone know how to get into phones OS' file system? I hear a voice recorder app can get into them, but not ones I've seen. i just wana poke around like you should be able in windows it's time to have some fun. and DOS for phone dose not show them, maybe if i knew the path i could get in. i bet...
  9. toaf

    my lumina 1020 has jumped to windows 10

    wish me luck, ill try to let you know how it goes
  10. toaf

    windows phone hotspot issue ..... solved.....

    hello formies, i have a issue with my Lumina 1020's hotspot. it used to work fine, but now all i get is limited connection when i hook up my SP2 to it. any ideas on stuff to try before resetting the phone to default? i have not tried to hook anything else up to it yet. just trying to get...
  11. toaf

    i think my sp2 battery is still going strong

    DESIGN CAPACITY 42,002 mWh FULL CHARGE CAPACITY 39,916 mWh CYCLE COUNT 177 Recent usage Power states over the last 3 days START TIME STATE SOURCE CAPACITY REMAINING 2015-03-19 00:01:49 Active AC 99 % 63,787 mWh 02:45:13 Active Battery 76 % 49,209 mWh 02:46:26 Battery changed AC 64 % 25,537 mWh...
  12. toaf

    windows 10 on VM

    so im gona try to install 10 on a VM on a SP2, any of the late night formies have any pointers?
  13. toaf

    projecting screen and audio funkyness

    anyone figure out a easy way to deal with the audio while projecting screen? i can get it to work but it's a game of disabling sound cards often
  14. toaf

    walking dead brought to you by.. surface 3

    looks like they are spending money again
  15. toaf

    power options taskbar

    anyone know how to change the 2 power options next to the volume taskbar? i want full power and battery saver to show up on one click. if you get what i mean.
  16. toaf

    Netgear's Push2TV with SP2

    anyone know if it works with the wifi (widi) built into a sp2?
  17. toaf

    Blue Tooth Gamepad

    hey, im sure this has been hashed out a few times but, anyone know the cheapest easiest gamepad to use with a pro 2?
  18. toaf

    now that they moved the "home" buton

    I'm guessing the vertical tablet mode is easier, but is the horizontal tablet mode a pain now?
  19. toaf

    on screen 10 key is driving me nuts

    anyone know how to make the default onscreen keyboard use a normal 10 key, they have it wrong. its like a phone. 100% should be fixed, ive never had soo many typos in my life. i know i can just use the other onscreen keyboard but the default is so faster to get to. just a small gripe...