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    critical error in reliability history

    This error is not going away. COM Surrogate. Usually one error per day. Any idea on how to track down the issue?
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    full system reboot after loss of pen functions

    Yesterday I searched the entire system to find out how to reconnect my surface pro pen. No success in that nor did I find answers online. Started fresh and now its working. This all began after I finished messing around with FreshPaint app, then shutdown by just touching the power button which...
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    Driver_Power_State_Failure -----Defect?

    I recently installed a .NET Framework for use of a Active X required website, (yesterday). Later on (today) my computer lost internet connection, then moments later the screen changed with a notice saying "Driver_Power_State_Failure"? then the computer restarted by itself..... ----Am I in...
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    Do Surface Pro Support .Net Framework 2.0 ?

    A program I want to use requires .Net Framework2.0 and im not sure if I should download 4.0 instead. And even if I download .Net Framework,why Is it not installed on the Surface Pro already? and where should I download? thanks in advance, FindMyWayHome
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    MS Loyal from Birth to Present

    Welcome to all, I am happy to be part of such a forum who's members strive to be number #1 with Microsoft products. I like to learn like everyone else. so lets goo. From my new Surface Pro

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