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    happy with windows 10

    I am happy with W10. I upgraded to W10 on the first day that the Insider Preview was released months ago. One issue for me is that under Sign-in options, it won't let me change my Windows PIN and I have to sign in with my MS account password, which is a little bit of a pain 'cos it's quite long...
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    Post Your SP3 Power/Battery/Charging Issues Here

    Battery life has not been an issue on mine but it has done a couple of wierd things lately. On Friday evening I used it for a while and there was a good amount of charge left in it (can't remember exactly, but it was like above 80%) and I then put it to sleep thinking that I would use it first...
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    Post Your SP3 Power/Battery/Charging Issues Here

    I don't know if this is a charging issue, not sure where else to put it. I have had two recent instances of my Surface Pro 3 appearing to be completely dead or inert after it went to sleep. In each instance, I guess that it had been asleep for maybe an hour or a couple of hours - not that long...
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    Post Your SP3 WiFi/Internet Issues Here

    I've had my Pro 3 a few weeks now and this was not an issue for me initially. But I have noticed in the last couple of weeks that every time it sleeps for maybe an hour or more, when it wakes up the WiFi has gone completely and I have to do a restart. This is becoming pretty irritating...
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    Surface Pro 4 - wishlists!

    One more thing is that they need to do something about the two little bits of metal that project from the bottom of the kick stand on the left and right hand side. These are like kind of little 'legs' or rests for the kick stand they stand out from the bottom of the kick stand by about one...
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    Surface Pro 4 - wishlists!

    For me - trim back the bezel and increase the overall size slightly to incorporate a 13" screen. The larger size of the Pro 3 makes it much easier to use as my main machine compared with my Surface 2 RT simply because the screen is bigger. I do use PowerPoint and Word on my S2 RT, but the size...
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    OFFICIAL I just got my SP3

    I have had my Surface Pro 3 (128 GB i5) for about 4 days now and my first impressions are very favourable. I love the larger size and I think that this is definitely the right way to go. For me, this size of screen is much easier to work with. In fact, if MS shrink the bezel a bit and make the...
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    Good accessories for SP3

    I bought a Snugg case for my Pro 3 and it fits nicely. Doesn't add too much to the depth (still slides into my shoulder bag) and I...
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    For those who are having WLAN Issues - (Possible Fix - Tested for the last 48 hours)

    I'm in the UK and have a friend visiting the US for a couple of weeks. I asked her to order a Surface Pro 3 for me and she mailed last night to say that it arrived. Before I ask her to turn it on to check that it works (she has my MS log on details) should I tell her to say no to any requests to...
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    Just purchased a Surface 2... My thoughts

    Yeah - I thought long and hard about what I actually wanted a tablet for and decided that the Surface RT would pretty much do everything that I wanted - and I was right. Had the original Surface RT for a little while but found it a bit slow and sluggish so I returned it and bought a Surface 2...
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    Advantages of upgrading to Surface 2 (from first gen Surface RT)

    After the price drop, I bought a Surface RT last year and had it for about 4 weeks. I liked it and it showed me that it would do what I wanted, but to be honest - it did seem a little sluggish so I returned it and bought a Surface 2 RT and I was glad that I did. The Surface 2 RT is noticeably...
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    Problem with my Surface 2

    Update. OK, so about a week or so ago I bought myself a Type Cover 2. I had been thinking about it for a while since I had read a few reviews and comparisons which said that typing is easier and faster with the Type 2 compared with the Touch 2 Cover. Well, since I bought the Type Cover I have...
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    Problem with my Surface 2

    I have been having issues like this quite often over the last month or two. At times, when my S2 wakes up it seems to behave as if something else is touching the screen. On mine, it looks a little bit like a second or 'phantom' pointer becomes visible (usually on the top left of the screen near...
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    Failed Firmware Update

    I had a firmware update come through on my S2 tonight. I can't find the details in the update log, and so I don't know what was updated, but it now seems to be running noticeably quicker after the restart. Apps opening and snapping shut faster than before. I wonder what they did?
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    Surface 2 vs. Baytrail devices

    Thanks. Yeah, I guess it all depends what he wants to use it for and I tried to explain that to him. I think that people are getting too hung up on the issue of running ‘legacy’ programs but I've only come to appreciate that after using my Surface 2 for a few weeks.
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    Surface 2 vs. Baytrail devices

    I showed my Surface 2 to a friend who is looking for a replacement for his netbook. He liked it and was thinking about buying one. Then, a couple of days ago, he came back and asked what I thought about the new Baytrail tablets that are starting to appear like the Asus Transformer Book T100. He...
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    Best mouse for Surface 2?

    I bought a Logitech M187 mini mouse and I use it a lot, it's really handy - the USB key is small and it also works fine when I have a 4-way USB hub plugged into the USB port. The touchpad is ok, but the mouse is definitely best for things like cutting and pasting text and links etc
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    touch keyboard.. How in the world???

    I am sure that I read somewhere before the launch that the new covers have some kind of 'proximity' sensor in them so that they can tell when your hands are close to the keys and the backlight comes on in case you want to start typing. Playing around with mine, I get the impression that the...
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    very intresting video on the Surface 2

    Great video. Played around with my device settings and it found and installed my Western Digital media player, so now I can stream music from my SkyDrive folders and cast it to my media centre from my S2. Awesome.
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    Surface RT/2 Questions

    The type screen is a little bit different to an on screen keyboard. With an on screen keyboard all you have to do is to touch the screen when you are typing and the letters appear in the document etc. But with the new touch screen you have to tap the keys lightly. The touch screen supports a few...

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