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    Skydrive and File Manager

    No. I am not a SPAM Bot ,just a man. Have removed the signature
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    Photo Viewer App Please

    Waiting for your Qik Photo Animator app. I will have a try with it.
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    Third party applications?

    No. The only way is the windows app Store.
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    tegra zone app

    I install it but then it crashes while using.
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    PDF reader

    I am using the built-in Reader app to read PDF file
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    Google Maps

    Google Maps for windows RT???
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    Skydrive and File Manager

    Use Metro Commander to do that
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    Why do so many video sites not work?

    When i try to load videos from many web page, some of them are not working. I will buy the Surface pro
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    Buying from eBay...

    I actually bought my surface on Microsoft store
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    Looks like MS got the all clear for the Surface Pro

    the Surface RT comes with too limited feature and I will buy the pro
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    Running RT apps on the Surface Pro?

    No, surface apps only runs on windows RT
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    How to Get Full Version Office H&S

    Try getting it from windows updates
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    Windows Button

    I also get buzzes Windows button.
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    Does Anyone Else Have This Issue.......?

    I don't have the issues on my surface rt
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    Amazon Prime Instant Videos

    I am able to play amazon instant video
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    Microsoft Silverlight - LOVEFilm Instant

    Silverlight is not working on Windos rt
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    Battery Life

    Go to close the background running apps

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