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    White flash on slower boot-up + slumber mode gone.

    So within this last week without having updates to my graphics card i suddenly have extremely slow boot-up and once button is pushed it takes 5 second for the screen to react, then a white flash, then Surface logo. On top of that, my sleep mode is gone, i can now only choose from hibernate...
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    Warning! Maroo Woodland leather/wool sleeve scratches SP3

    Just got this case 4 days ago and i now discovered that it just scratched up my surface along the side. Essentially it is not the case and it's wool/leather itself, but the placement of the pen loop inside (in the side of the case). It only covers the pen on the top, so the bottom is still bare...
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    Touchpad lag on first touch. Can it be fixed?

    So.... Whenever i browser around and come back to the touchpad (Type cover), it never reacts well on first touch. It won't just start moving, as if it is waiting for the cursor to pop up first? I've turned of the delay in the touchpad settings. So i really don't get why this is like this...
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    Auto brightness disabled, yet still there. How to get rid of it?

    There were many reasons why i ditched the Surface Pro (After 6 of them), was among other things the incredible annoying "auto brightness" bug. It is on my Surface Pro 3 too. And... no matter what i do, it won't go away. Can anyone help? PS: It's not really auto brightness, but a gentle...
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    3 generations in and still: Ghost image glitch on lock-/welcome-screen

    One thing i have noticed about all Surface tablets is that no matter what you change you lock/welcome screen to, for a short second you will see the standard circle wallpaper it came with... for glimpse of a second. Is this really a glitch that MS cannot solve. I tried many laptops that didn't...
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    Type cover 2 issues - Slow scrolling, drag and drop and no recognition

    I have had it up to here with the Surface keyboards. All 3 of them are majorly flawed. My issue with my only days old Type cover 2 is the following: - Scrolling is slow and buggy (i own a Surface Pro which has all updated incl. the December fix for new Type cover). - The official...
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    High pitch noise emitted from Surface Pro (C-state issue, i think)

    So, I have been thru a numbers of Surface Pro's by now. (for various reasons) and I insist on loving and using this machine, but.... The one I just got has a higher pitch noise/tone than usual (coming from inside the chassis, slipping out thru the top and bottom right side). Apperently it's a...
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    Cursor stuck for 1-2 sec. after scrolling on touch cover

    When scrolling on my touchcover, mouse cursor gets stuck for 1-2 seconds after ended scrolling, it is absolutely annoying, i have looked and looked. even took the time to go to a store and try out another pro with a touch cover....... same thing. does anyone know how to fix this. It is pissing...

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