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  1. john.calixte

    Another Surface Win

    I just set up a personal cloud at home (the WD My Cloud NAS drive). My old Surface RT recognized it immediately and I easily mapped the public and private shares for easy access. Works like a charm. My kids' iPads? Not so easy. The best solution we could find was to PURCHASE an app...
  2. john.calixte

    Skydrive Upload / Download Pending

    Hello, Skydrive on both my desktop (8.1) and my RT (8.1) consistently gets "stuck" syncing files. For example, when I drop files into my desktop Skydrive folders the upload process get stuck at "pending". Similarly when my RT is syncing (downloading) new files on Skydrive (because I have...
  3. john.calixte

    Pin Office Document to Start?

    Has anyone figured out how to pin an Office 2013 document to the Start screen? Apologies if this has been discussed in another thread, but my searches can't find it. Thanks.

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