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  1. sharpuser

    Firmware update time again

    Let us know if you come up on the other side of all these updates still alive.
  2. sharpuser

    Surface Pro 4 - Blue Screen - Zoom

    Your video graphics driver seems to be in error somehow. Try this: 1 - Settings, search for Device Manager, open it 2 - Choose Display adapters, double-click NVIDIA ... 3 - Choose “Driver” tab, click Update Driver 4 - Choose “Browse my computer for drivers, then click “Let me pick ...” 5 -...
  3. sharpuser

    Surface Tab 3 BIOS/UEFI password lost

    This video shows how difficult that Surface Pro 3 is to service. But rather than trash it, you may want to extract the SSD. It is still useful in a cheap enclosure as an external drive.
  4. sharpuser

    Surface Tab 3 BIOS/UEFI password lost

    @normaprice2003 , There is a chance that the BIOS/UEFI password was reset using a scheme which is based upon the manufacturer of one or more components. It is worth a try. Visit this website, and use Option #2: How to recover or reset a BIOS or UEFI Password for Windows computers...
  5. sharpuser

    SP 7 Power up by itself

    Could be caused by electromagnetic interference activating the power circuitry. Are you near power boxes, supplies, transmitters, microwaves, etc. ?
  6. sharpuser

    "Surface Pro 7+"? Only for business users? No "SP8"?

    I like the phrase "semi-tempted". I remain happy with my Surface Book 2 15", but also am watching to see if there is a SP8 on the way. By the way, these sales happen every March/April/May, partially because this is the season students are accepted to colleges and universities. Computer...
  7. sharpuser

    SPX with XP Pen Graphics Tablet

    Check out this way to improve your grip on a thin pen.
  8. sharpuser

    Can a Book 2 use a Book 1 keyboard base?

    The keyboard base for Surface Book 1 is not compatible with Surface Book 2. A few things were changed for the Surface Book 2, including a different shape for the connection tabs and different mechanism and electrical connection for the "muscle wire". It may be helpful for you to know that the...
  9. sharpuser

    SB3 screen shuts off intermittently

    I am suspecting an issue with Cortana from builds since around January 14, 2021. Try disabling Cortana completely, and see if the problem goes away.
  10. sharpuser

    Trouble installing Windows 10 Surface Pro 3

    Brilliant! I’m sure that tip will help someone else, too.
  11. sharpuser

    Trouble installing Windows 10 Surface Pro 3

    Can you avoid the WiFi problem by attaching a USB WiFi stick, or a Cat5 adapter dongle?
  12. sharpuser


    @Sunsearcher , It is likely that the graphics are trying to load from a previous address you were using for that site on that computer. Your cache needs to be cleared using your browser's clear history menus. Let us know.
  13. sharpuser

    New battery installation - Battery Report

    The battery in my Surface Book 2, purchased in late 2019, has serial number 5031435936. All I can say is that your battery is much newer than mine. A couple of things: 1- Search your OneDrive for a previous copy of a battery report from your Surface. You may have one out there. 2 - Ask the...
  14. sharpuser

    New battery installation - Battery Report

    Your battery has a serial number. Check that. Hopefully, you have a record of a previous battery report. Even if you don't, perhaps you could identify if your battery serial number is recent manufacture.
  15. sharpuser

    Charging after let go dead...

    You may be caught in a loop of the battery-protection circuitry, which can limit charging. The trick is to get that circuitry running properly. So I suggest repeatedly connecting and disconnecting the charger, about every 10 seconds. Give that a try for a few minutes to see if something happens.
  16. sharpuser

    Re-installing biometric devices

    Rebooting should fix that. Windows should detect the devices upon startup.
  17. sharpuser

    Surface Go - Face Recognition function not working - After 1903

    Excellent, @HEET. This post will be popular with others having a problem with their Windows Hello Face functionality.
  18. sharpuser

    My SB2 got mangled by hackers on orders of my ex!

    Do a clean sweep. Replace everything. Check for your files, to make sure you've got your documents in the cloud. Then: Settings, Recovery, Reset this PC, Remove everything.
  19. sharpuser

    Can't stream when connected to Cellular data.

    Be sure to post your results!
  20. sharpuser

    Can't stream when connected to Cellular data.

    You could get a higher fidelity Bluetooth, such as the AKSONIC BRX0 HiFi HD Bluetooth 5.0 for Home Stereo. I purchased one a year ago and find it to be superb for classic jazz. Standard Bluetooth does not respect better digitization of tracks, and therefore has poorer reproduction. But this HD...

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