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    Docking station's mDP port suddenly not working

    Booting up today, after having it shut down for two whole days, I couldn't get the monitor connected to the mDP port, using mDP->DP cable, to turn on. I also switched between the mDP port on the SP3 and then it worked fine. I have one monitor on each port, but now only half of that screen real...
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    OneNote integration

    Is Edge messing the send to OneNote feature or link to OneNotethat was available in Explorer? I know about the annotate feature (and I like it) but there I have to decide in advance what notebook to send it to. I like the dialog box with choices.
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    Edge anomaly

    This is a bit odd. When starting Edge on the SP3 and typing a few letters for a site I usually visit, suggestions start to appear. If I use the mouse to click the one I need, nothing happens. If I use the cursor and Enter key, it works fine. However, this exact problem does not occur on my...
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    OneDrive connection problem

    I have done the "Map Network Drive" to OneDrive and it seem to work, but how do I get it to sign in automatically when I but my SP3? Batch files are a thing of the past, no?
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    I like to have different wallpaper/background on my various computers. Makes it easy to differentiate what screen is connected to what computer. But now there is some sync function that makes all the computers on my account use the same wallpaper. Must annoying. Can I get rid of this inconvenience?
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    Sun Disk 200 GB mSD card

    This card is now available on Amazon and other online vendors. I'm curious to know how well it works in a Surface Pro 3, but I guess I'll take any experience. Please share.
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    Favoriite pen in word 2013

    Maybe I'm confused, but I'm fairly certain that you can add some favorite pens to the Quick Access Toolbar in Word 2013. I just can't figure out where to find it. I think there were choices lika Favorite Pen 1, 2, 3 and so on, also Favorite Highlighter.
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    Tried Clipa Vu?

    If anyone has this app will it work between PCs on the same network?
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    Is she U.S.restricted?

    Has anyone outside the US been able to get Cortana to work?
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    SP2 no CS

    I can't get SP2 to get into connected standby in the Win 10 beta. It goes dark and then it won't come back on. Be it with the power button, closing the type cover off the charms bar. I'm ok with it being beta and all, just curious to know if it is widespread.
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    Sound restrictions

    Using a docking station with external monitors. I can only get sound on the monitor showing the app and not on the connected speakers. If I try switching playback device it goes mute, if I switch back to the connected monitor I get sound from the monitor's internal speaker.
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    AOC external USB 3 monitor

    I have an external AOC USB 3 monitor called E1659F WU, this connects fine with the Surface Pro 2, but when I try to connect it with the Surface Pro 3 it just blinks and I get that USB connection beep over and over and over again. I have tried connecting an external battery pack as well, just to...
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    Sync Google Calendar

    It's it possible to sync a Google Calendar with the MUI Calendar?
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    One monitor disappeared

    I use my SP3 with the dock and have three external monitors connected. Two WQHD (2560x1440) connected with the hdmi dongle to the mini display port on the dock and the slate, I then also have a HD (1920x1080) connected through USB with a separate USB2HDMI adapter. This setup has worked without a...
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    27" WQHD touch monitor

    I'm considering to move my SP3 to full time duty as desktop replacement and I think that would require a second 27" WQHD monitor. Should I get one with touch, our is that not necessary?
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    Creating link in OneNote MUI

    This one has me schtumped, I can see there is a link option in the radial menu but selecting some text and getting to that menu choice is a conundrum. Had to go to the desktop version to get it done. Shouldn't really be needed.
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    Speech recognition

    I have used Nuance's Dragon NaturallySpeaking 12 on my laptop for a few years. Now that I got a SP3 I bought version 13 and it works fantastically well on that device. So far, limited to one day, I have actually achieved almost 100% accuracy, it even correctly recognized boarder instead of the...
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    Inking in Adobe Reader

    Now that I have the SP3 I started to use the pen as my primary annotation tool in Adobe Reader. I know it has a pencil tool (looks more like a pencil than a pen) and I tried it a few times unsuccessfully with a mouse. Hence, I looked forward to trying it again now that I actually hold a "pencil"...
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    Default pen

    Is there some way of changing the pen setting for the pen button click OneNote? Right now it's a thin black pen but I would prefer a thicker blue pen.
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    Type Cover won't turn on SP2

    I have checked my setting for the Type Cover in Device Manager so it should turn on the machine when I open the cover. Works fine for closing and putting it into connected standby, but not the other way around. Backlighting on the keyboard is turned on, but I still need to turn it on using the...

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