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  1. Ben_J_H


    Talk about pretty much anything in here :big smile: No political or Religion discussions
  2. Ben_J_H

    Three Word Story [GAME]

    I'll start it again LOL Rules: You can only post 3 words to continue the story Keep it clean please! My turn! Yeah! :LOL: ******************* The mans belly
  3. Ben_J_H

    [GAME] Ban the Person Above You

    Simple give a silly reasoen for banning the person that posted above you Any takers? As always keep it clean or you will end up banned Sorry yall I needed e a game thread or two! Somebody else start 3 word story or word association please
  4. Ben_J_H


    I am intrested in a new tab and have of course not decided with all the options LOL This is one of them and I am here to learn about it :nerd: I have not owned a windows tap so I am sure my stay will be rather useless but.... Oh well :LOL: I am a proud cheesehead from Wisconsin :tongue: (No were...

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