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  1. No_ax_to_grind

    Games on your SP4

    I know this isn't a gaming machine and have read threads here and elsewhere on the subject, but am curious as to which game(s) people do play on their SP4, what's good out there, etc.
  2. No_ax_to_grind

    Solved SP4 i5 on SP3 port replicator to Asus PB287Q 4K UHD over miniDP > DP

    Read eight threads up here yesterday and numerous others elsewhere regarding the Asus PB287Q and full 4K at 60Hz off an SP4 over miniDP > DisplayPort. The following link says it should work - Connect Surface to a TV, monitor, or projector - as do the monitor and SP4's specs both. Whether I run...
  3. No_ax_to_grind

    Multi-device BT Mouse w/toggle on side or top, not SMART

    Have a Logitech M535 and an MX Anywhere 2. The former can pair to multiple devices, but only one at a time. The latter doesn't worth with Windows 7 apparently. Looking for a multi-device bluetooth mouse that will work with my SP4, a client's Lenovo L440 running Win7 AND that I can toggle with...
  4. No_ax_to_grind

    One monitor, one keyboard, one mouse, two machines

    Have purchased an LG 34UM94-P monitor that supports "Picture by Picture" input from multiple sources. Also have the LG "dual controller" software installed on two machines, one being an SP4 in the old SP3 port replicator. Running an MS bluetooth keyboard and Arc BT mouse to the SP4. Now I want...
  5. No_ax_to_grind

    SP3 port replicator spacer for SP4

    Has anybody received theirs? I know they're free, but I don't live near a Microsoft store to just walk in and get one (if they have them). Ordered one on-line going a month ago and it's nowhere in sight.
  6. No_ax_to_grind

    PowerTraveller MiniGorilla

    Have a 1.2m power charger adapter cable cord I bought previously for my SP3. Having looked at external power supplies (size, weight, mAh), was thinking of getting a PowerTraveler MiniGorilla (Weight 265g,Dimensions 150 x 83 x 14mm). Anybody else running their SP Pro 3 or 4 on an external...
  7. No_ax_to_grind

    Surface Pro 4 power supply cord

    Not to nitpick, but the power adapter for my SP3 had a little black clip on the cable to secure the adapter end to the cable when you coiled it up and a small velcro wrap to wrap it up when you coiled it up. Adapter for my SP4 came with neither, anyone know where I could grab them? Try to keep...
  8. No_ax_to_grind

    What do you clean your keyboard with?

    Keep mine pretty clean, but will still 'lightly' use a compressed air can to blow it out, then clean the keyboard with isopropyl alchohol swabs before I sell my SP3 in favor of my new SP4. Question - what do people use to clean the fabric part?
  9. No_ax_to_grind

    OneDrive use cases

    For those who have it and use it, what data do you keep out there? If you keep all your data, how much data are we talking about? And why there, data security?
  10. No_ax_to_grind

    App and data migration to SP4

    What tool(s) are people planning on using to migrate their data and applications from their lower generation Surface to the new Surface 4s?
  11. No_ax_to_grind

    SP4 Pro Skins

    Noting that most everyone will not have their new skins for the Surface Pro 4 until November, anyone have any plans to get one sooner and, if so, whose?

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