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    Well, looks like I now have one of these.

    I was gifted a SP2 and Office 2013 for Valentine's Day, which...sort of thwarts my plan to build a $2000 replacement gaming rig and continue using my S2. I really like my "satellite" setup, but I can adapt. Probably (assuming my older games run on the SP2 with Win8). So I've been scratching my...
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    Upgrade path from Surface RT/2 (Windows 10/Mobile)

    Now, Windows RT and Windows Phone paths both are essentially evolving into Windows 10 Mobile, which throws the Surface tablet upgrade path a bit out of whack when we look at available information.... (I don't know what the edit window is for this forum, so someone correct me on anything and I'll...
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    Really? A forum search here brought up nothing about Heartbleed? Man. Even the IT guy in our department didn't hear about Heartbleed when I asked him two days after the initial announcement! All the major players (web servers) using OpenSSL should be patched by now, so password changes should...
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    I can't use a normal laptop anymore...

    Having a desktop at home, Surface 2 for mobile use, and a laptop at work that's always docked (thus as a desktop)... At work I was forced to undock the laptop and use it that way for awhile, but I've come to realize I just can't use a normal laptop without constantly poking the screen! It's...
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    Apple guy reviews Microsoft Surface ("revisited")

    TidBITS: Microsoft Surface: A Tale of Two Computers TL;DR: Hardcore Apple fan admits to not being target audience but still really likes Surface (specifically SPro2) and appreciates the alternative industry entry in pushing consumer tech evolution. What's nice is that the author revisited...
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    Surface 2 back in stock

    Buy Surface 2 1.5 months (give or take) too late, but eh.
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    [Windows RT] These websites work in Internet Explorer (WARNING: SCREENSHOTS)

    I want to limit this thread to Windows RT (Surface RT and Surface 2) since these tests are most relevant to that platform. Testing websites that require a login/subscription would be particularly helpful, but the more the better. Suggestions--school websites (note any special platform web...
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    Field work: Carry case with shoulder strap and screen protector

    Disclaimer: I don't have this. This looks like a new product? Not many reviews and all are from October 2013. Some people who want to use their Surfaces (or other tablets) for field work ask for the handle/strap/grip, but this has a shoulder strap instead. One buyer has verified it fits the...
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    Don't want to be tracked by your app games? Adjust the Windows Firewall

    If you don't want to be tracked by your downloaded apps, you can adjust the Windows firewall to block/allow specific apps from the internet, like your Xbox app games being automatically added to your mandatory Xbox account that comes with your Microsoft Account. If you block the Xbox games, you...
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    Surface RT/Surface 2 editorial review (VERBOSE)

    I've finished this just before the upcoming U.S. holiday hits. Warning: It's verbose. I didn't add a TOC to every page though I may do that. It's not comprehensive by any stretch of the imagination, and the organization and points may be a bit scattered because I started writing it for the...
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    Toyota Confirms: Li-Ion Batteries Have a “Memory Effect” (May 3, 2013)

    I'm posting this in off-topic only because this applies to pretty much all tech that use batteries these days, and it's useful to know. This article describes a paper that was published in Nature just this year and overturns a long-standing assumption about Li-on battery technology. Toyota...
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    Microsoft Surface Lifecycle Support

    From Winbeta:
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    :) User real-world benchmarks (Surface 2)

    BATTERY TEST 4:00 pm test start Settings: Starting at 100% charge, 35% locked screen brightness (no auto or dimming), keyboard backlight off, power profile "sleep: never." Bluetooth off. Set global volume to 6 because I wanted to listen to other things. Test: Constant streaming of...
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    IE11 "Reliability update" KB2901549 (Oct 24, 2013)

    Microsoft rolls out Internet Explorer 11 reliability update for Windows 8.1 (KB2901549) | WinBeta MS doesn't say exactly what it does, but perhaps the details would be too technical. If you've been having a meh IE11 experience with 8.1, see if this helps.
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    MobileTechReview: Surface Pro 2 (Lisa Gade)

    As usual, she does quality tech reviews. Edit: Whoops, this should've gone in the other thread, but it fell off the first page. :p
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    New Surface owners! REGISTER YOUR DEVICES

    I couldn't find an existing thread to bump, but this is a critical step in your ownership if you want warranty services or if you want to add the additional Microsoft Complete Extended Service insurance to your new Surface--this must be purchased within 45 days after buying your Surface if you...
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    Gaming performance comparison: Surface RT vs. Surface 2

    I'll be honest. I never considered my Surface RT to be a primary consumption device because I simply didn't buy it for that, though I do enjoy a good session of Angry Birds. But with these new video demos, I might just try more with the Surface 2 (in the light app sense compared to Pro, of...
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    Apple Patent on Touch Typing, Multitouch Upheld; Allows Ban on Most Androids

    DailyTech - Apple Patent on Touch Typing, Multitouch Upheld; Allows Ban on Most Androids Say what? Translation---Android is whooping Apple's ass in the smartphone sector by free market principles so Apple somehow gets a patent win (a "surprise win" according to this) and Android...
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    Oct 19, 2013: Microsoft temporarily pulls Windows RT 8.1 update due to 'a situation'

    Microsoft temporarily pulls Windows RT 8.1 update due to 'a situation' | PCWorld Windows RT 8.1 update taken offline due to installation issues | The Verge Thanks to eeisner who spotted this.
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    Incipio "capture" and "feather" cases for Surface

    Alright guys and gals, I wanted to call out these two products because they don't exist yet and after contacting Incipio, they said they didn't have plans for the second generation Surface ("at this time"). (!) They look to be very high quality prototypes. If you're interested at all--neither...

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