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  1. convergent

    New Surface Pro (2017) Official Thread

    I have had the nSP for a few days now and wanted to exchange experiences with others here. As background, I bought a SP4 about a month before the new one was announced and returned it, so had some experience with it, but not a lot. I bought the i5/8G/256G model. Pen - the new pen on the nSP...
  2. convergent

    New Surface Pro (2017) preorders

    I have not pre-ordered anything from Microsoft before. What should I expect? Will this thing likely arrive on June 15 or day before, or will it ship on June 15 and I get it a few days later? Will I get some shipping notice a few days before with tracking? I don't see anything in the...
  3. convergent

    New Surface Pen starting to be available for PreOrder

    Looks like one color is showing for PreOrder now - Pre-orders open in the US for Microsoft's new $99.99 Surface Pen, but only in one color
  4. convergent

    SP4 w/keyboard for $659

    I don't know anything about this vendor, but looks to be a good deal I saw posted elsewhere - Microsoft 12.3" Surface Pro 4 128GB i5 Tablet Silver + Type Cover Bundle - New 889842014259 | eBay
  5. convergent

    Microsoft Complete only 2 years

    Former Apple buyer looking to buy a Surface Pro. I've always bought AppleCare for my laptops there, as its 3 years coverage for one accident. (I've not ever had an accident, but have had failures out of warranty so come out OK) Looking at Microsoft Complete for $119, but it only covers for 2...
  6. convergent

    Now that new Surface Pro is out, and good discounts on SP4?

    I would assume that retailers are going to start discounting the SP4 inventory as the new Surface Pro works into the supply chain. If you see any good deals, please share. Thus far I've not really seen much movement in the usual places.
  7. convergent

    USB-C for Surface Pro after all... via dongle

    Microsoft has created a Surface USB-C dongle for ‘people who love dongles’ I missed this at first, but according to this article, Microsoft is going to provide a dongle for their proprietary dock port that will turn it into USB-C. The USB-C world is a dongle world, so they are providing "a...
  8. convergent

    Predictions on how buggy new Surface Pro firmware will be?

    I returned the SP4 I bought to wait and see what the new announcement would bring. Now that its out and looks to get a big boost in battery life (along with many other refinements), and thoughts on how buggy it will be? It seems that with other SP variants, its taken them quite a while to work...
  9. convergent

    Surface Pro x alternatives if no SP5

    Microsoft is now saying there is no SP5 in the pipeline and I'm 2 weeks into my return period on the SP4, which I do really like. But before the time expires, I wanted to make sure I'm considering all the real alternative devices. By alternative, I mean a device that I can use as a tablet (not...
  10. convergent

    Solved Surface Dock Updater in a loop

    I just downloaded the Surface Dock Updater and ran it. It said my dock was out of date... ran through an update... asked me to disconnect for a period while the light flashed... then told me to reconnect. Then it said I was out of date and did it again. Did this about 5-6 times and finally...
  11. convergent

    Solved Windows 10 - missing icons in Start menu tiles

    I have a week old SP4 with Windows 10 creators edition. Continuing to get it all setup and then yesterday when in tablet mode I noticed that most of my icons in the start menu tiles were blank. The tiles were still there, but no way to tell what application each was for. Today some are back...
  12. convergent

    How to tell OneNote App which notebook to put new pages in

    I am using the OneNote App in Windows 10 on my SP4 and have two notebooks open. One is part of my business account and the other my personal account. When I click the "+ Page" to start a new note on a new page, it is putting the new page into the Quick Notes section of my business notebook...
  13. convergent

    LinkedIn tile in Windows 10

    I'm still learning the SP4 and today been trying to get a LinkedIn tile next to Facebook and Twitter in the Start menu of Windows 10. I'm shocked that there isn't an app. The best I've done is to save a Chrome tile. Is there a better way or even a way to change the icon for a Chrome start...
  14. convergent

    Windows 10 Mail App behaviour with Gmail

    I am coming from Mac to SP4. I've used Mac Mail for many years with many POP/IMAP mail accounts and more recently with Gmail aggregating the other accounts. In Mac Mail, when I file or delete a mail item to a Mac Mail folder, it doesn't show up in Gmail when I sync from other devices. If I do...
  15. convergent

    Weird problem with OneNote App on SP4

    I have been happily using both OneNote App and OneNote 2016 together on my new SP4. Now all of a sudden, the OneNote App is clipping every page into a small scrollable box in the upper left corner of the page. There doesn't seem to be any way to scale the boxes so I have to scroll around in a...
  16. convergent

    Surface Pro for media consumption - any good tips, reviews?

    I just got a Surface Pro 4 and am quite happy with it as a laptop replacement, but want to learn more about how people are using them as tablet, analogous to an iPad. I've downloaded some media apps from the Microsoft App Store, and so far so good. But I'd like to learn some tips and...
  17. convergent

    SP4 applications remembering external monitor preference

    I've been using my new SP4 for a few days. I have it docked in the Microsoft Dock when on my desk and leave it at a 10 degree angle as a tablet for OneNote... everything else I want opening in the external 4K display. It seems to remember that once I've opened everything once. When I undock...
  18. convergent

    New SP4 owner in Raleigh

    I just picked up a new SP4 a few days ago and so far loving it! My story... I've been working in technology since the before the PC was introduced... aging myself there. For about the last 10 years I've been heavily favoring Macs and my whole family is heavily vested in the Apple ecosystem...

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