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  1. wicked

    What are your current tech gadgets/devices? Post in here and let us know!

    So what are your current gadgets? Computers, tablets, phones etc. and GO!
  2. wicked

    Please subscribe to our YouTube channel!

    Happy to announce that now has a YouTube channel! Please subscribe and like our videos! SurfaceForums - YouTube Thanks!
  3. wicked is now on Tapatalk!

    We're happy to announce that is now on Tapatalk! Just type in "surface" in the search and you'll see it in the results! For those who aren't familiar with the app, Tapatalk is the #1 forum app available. It's probably the best fully functional forum app in the Market...
  4. wicked

    This image says it all ^_^'

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    Be sure to follow on Twitter, Facebook and Google+!

    Happy to announce that is now on Twitter, Facebook and Google+! Be sure to add/follow our accounts to keep up with the latest on everything Microsoft Surface related! Twitter:!/SurfaceForums Facebook: Surface Forums | Facebook Google+...
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    How Did You Hear About - The Premier Microsoft Surface Forum?

    We are always curious how members find our website. So, we'd like to ask you how you found Search Engine? (Google, Bing, Yahoo?) From another site? (Please tell us which one) Friend? Please let us know!
  7. wicked

    Welcome to the Site! Please Post an Introduction Thread is a friendly community dedicated to the Microsoft Surface. Our goal is to be the place to go to when you have Microsoft Surface questions, problems or would just like to discuss it in general. To keep the place friendly, we ask that every new member post up an...
  8. wicked

    Welcome to - A Microsoft Surface Community!

    Welcome to, a Microsoft Surface Tablet Community that features tons of Microsoft Surface information and help. We aim to be a friendly, educational community dedicated to all things Microsoft Surface related. We offer assistance with Windows, Microsoft Surface Hacking and...

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