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  1. Jglnaz372

    Surface RT Problems

    I had some issues where the screen was not responding to touches or was sluggish in responding. I basically reloaded the software, including the 8.1 update and it has been running with no issues for a few months since. I did not add a bunch of the apps I added when I first bought the Surface RT...
  2. Jglnaz372

    Bill Gates chokes back tears while discussing the quest for new Microsoft CEO

    All the work the Gates family does to benefit others with their foundation has to be applauded too.
  3. Jglnaz372

    Hows the Surface RT running these days?

    Have had the RT since it was released last year. I like 8.1 and have had no issues since the update. Some games as Hstakz mentioned above do lag and studder. Other then that I find the RT enjoyable to use. Some good deals are out there for Black Friday and getting a RT for under $200...
  4. Jglnaz372

    Surface RT Carrying Case

    I had a very similar case and I used it as my carry on bag, carry everywhere bag becasue of the extra space for work papers, cell, camera, etc. The case I had was very durable and well constructed.
  5. Jglnaz372

    An interesting article about the iPad (and subtly about the Surface)

    I remember some of the science fiction books I read as kid in the late 60's-early 70's about flying cars, talking robots, living on the moon, the Jetsons cartoon becoming reality. Ideas about the future were always spinning around in my brain somewhere as a kid and it took some like Gates and...
  6. Jglnaz372

    Manafacturing Defects on the Surface RT

    I agree. It looks like the thing is 10 years old and spent time in a war zone. My comment of wear and tear is something I have heard used a few times with defective cell phone casings. Many times they try to pin all the fault on us instead of their defective piece. I am sure they will say he...
  7. Jglnaz372

    Manafacturing Defects on the Surface RT

    I remember that too. I would take your peeling Surface to a Microsoft store if possible to try to get an exchange. Problem does seem to be the wear and tear I felt they might say voids the warranty or is not honored for a replacement. Do not give up easily and good luck with the battle.
  8. Jglnaz372

    Power/ Battery issues with Win 8.1 RT

    I have noticed in a few updates over the past year differences in battery usage when I did not add any new programs. Seemed to happen after update Tuesday time. Would fix itself after another update. Very strange. I wonder if Outlook which is new in 8.1 could have something to do with some of...
  9. Jglnaz372

    Manafacturing Defects on the Surface RT

    I was going to write the same thing. Only issue might be "wear and tear" because of the time you had it. Some had said on the forum it all depends who you talk to about your type of problem. Some warrant reps are very easy to deal with and you have zero issues while others might try to see if...
  10. Jglnaz372

    Have any of you guys switched from the iPad to the Surface?

    I still use the iPad and Surface RT. I was able to get a good deal for an iPhone over a year ago and the ability to buy an app once and share across my iOS devices saves me a few dollars. I do not plan to upgrade my phone for a few years. I liked Android, but for me it was not really much better...
  11. Jglnaz372

    Oct 19, 2013: Microsoft temporarily pulls Windows RT 8.1 update due to 'a situation'

    I had the same issue after one of the updates to the 8.1 preview and was not able to access the store. It was blank at first, then I had the cannot connect page. Over the year I had the surface RT I never had to reinstall the OS. I decided to do a refresh and see what happens. It solved the...
  12. Jglnaz372

    Surface RT Wifi Issues - This is getting old . . .

    Never had issues with WiFi on my RT. I am using the 8.1 preview and even on 8 I never noticed connection issues. Might be a hardware issue where others on the forum had found out when their RT was checked.
  13. Jglnaz372

    Surface RT gaming?

    Agreed. Only the app games will work, not the regular Window's games.
  14. Jglnaz372

    My thoughts on the Surface(6 months later) and things i notice

    Good luck in college. Have fun, but remember the hard work will pay off in the future. I myself over the years tried many different tablets, laptops, phones, etc. Some get used until they wear out and break and others end up in the junk drawer. Not because the item is no good, it just did not...
  15. Jglnaz372

    Microsoft/Nokia deal

    FYI. Microsoft-Nokia deal: 11 quick facts | ZDNet
  16. Jglnaz372

    Gorgeous SMOOTH fonts on Surface Pro and Desktop

    Amen Brother! ; ) Happy Labor Day Weekend!
  17. Jglnaz372

    The HP forum needs a post

    Was thinking the same thing.
  18. Jglnaz372

    So What Do You Think of the BIG Rumor Going Around? $199.00 for the RT

    Over the weekend I was reading articles about how most of the other major computer makers like ASUS are dropping the RT platform leaving only Dell and Microsoft left. Some wondered how long Dell would stick with it. If that is the case then the future of RT, no matter how much positive spin is...
  19. Jglnaz372

    New Surface RT vs iPad Commercial

    Same here using multiple devices. I began on a family cell plan and had an iPhone 3 and then when I needed an upgrade I ended up with an iPhone 4. I loved having all my previously bought and downloaded apps available to add to the new phone and later the iPad I bought for web surfing and e book...

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