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    Surface Pro 3 - best computer I've owned

    I use mine as my main computer. Through the Dock I have three monitors connected and four 1TB hard drives.I could run an empire from that beauty.
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    Multi-Language usage: Microsoft has no clue how people use their systems! Or doesn't care...

    The solution to my mind is better keyboards. Windows actually have a decent system for switching languages on the go. You can assign key combinations or use the Win+Space combination. What is required to make this seamless is a keyboard that reacts to the language shift by changing the key...
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    Firmware Update

    On my SP3 I lost the SP4 pen but the SP3 pen works fine. Go figure. Oh, and yes tried opening the top and even tested with a new battery.
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    SP4 with Surface Dock, have to reconfigure external monitors every time I dock it

    So did I, so did I. Then we got the new firmware update and now when I boot up the Surface Pro 3 just flickers like it was psychotic or something. If I disconnect the dock connected mDP monitor turn I get back the monitor connected to the SP3. Every time we have a major update it wreaks havoc on...
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    Microsoft Exec's Comments Suggest 'breakthrough Surface phone' is Needed and Coming

    I have a Windows Phone and I also have something like a total of 50 Universal apps, of those for will run in the phone. The idea of having one setup on multiple devices is laughable. If they don't fix that it will never take off.
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    Desktop x86 Productivity Apps That Work With Surface Book Pen?

    The latest Adobe Reader DC now has decent ink and touch support. If you annotate PDFs it is becoming quite useful, but if you don't mind Store apps, Drawboard is also very decent.
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    Weirdness with disappearing monitors on setup changes

    I get 2560x1440 on both ports using mDP cables.
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    Solved Type cover not working

    Actually it isn't solved. While the hard reset will get the Type Cover back and running, if you disconnect it the TC is gone again when you reconnect it and you have to go through the whole hard reset process once more. I'm not completely sure but I think the problem is USB driver related...
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    How to activate the Surface Dock Display Port

    Make sure you do the hard reset while docked.
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    Which accessories do you carry around (SP3)

    Microsoft Wedge mouse, HDMI adapter, charge brick and Advil for all the headaches with CS and PMK issues. Sometimes also an Asus USB monitor or my Galaxy Note 10.1 that I will use a a wireless secondary monitor.
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    Swtched to mDP - DP and Second Monitor Wont Work

    Start with attaching the dock, then do an upgrade, restart. Attach the slate to the third monitor, do a new update, restart. That worked for me. Albeit about a year ago.
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    HowTo Use the Windows Logo Key - Keyboard Shortcuts

    Wonderful! I use multiple monitors and use themes to get a little variation. Wonder if there is a hack that let's you make it a permanent wallpaper on one of the monitors?
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    HowTo Use the Windows Logo Key - Keyboard Shortcuts

    I want a document with this on my desktop.
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    Surface Keyboard Fn Key Shortcuts - List

    Wish statements like that was in the user manual. You just saved me a lot of aggravation.
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    It is something I've read earlier, but where and when I can't remember. You might be able to find it on, but I can't be sure that it was there that I read it.
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    The only solution is to draw the line a little faster, at least at this moment. It is a known defect with N-Trig and supposedly Microsoft is working on a software upgrade. But no one knows when that will be available.
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    Will you go MS all the way to phone if you already have surface book?

    I'm a mobile productivity geek. Like Telstar I need a penabled device but the 950 XL with the Dock was very tempting.I guess if it came with an 8" foldable screen (turning it into a 16" monitor) that would be driven by the USB-C connection and a Foldable Universal Bluetooth Keyboard I'd be all...
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    Will you go MS all the way to phone if you already have surface book?

    This is certainly an issue for individual users, maybe not so much for corporate budgets. I've always been surprised that Apple or Google, and now Microsoft, doesn't offer users that switch over to their platform free apps for a month. That way you could get all the apps you already own. Or even...
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    Poll For those keeping their Surface Pro 3 which accessories are you updating?

    The only other reasonable explanation then is that something has happened with your exchange rate between the release of the SP3 and the SP4. Ahh, one more possibility Microsoft NZ got a new CEO that needs to show better results in Redmond.
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    Poll For those keeping their Surface Pro 3 which accessories are you updating?

    Sure you're not looking the fingerprint Type Cover?

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