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  1. Jglnaz372

    Microsoft/Nokia deal

    FYI. Microsoft-Nokia deal: 11 quick facts | ZDNet
  2. Jglnaz372

    Another article about the Surface RT

    Microsoft Surface: It's time to speed up or give up | ZDNet Surface is getting a bunch of press the past week. And the opinions how to fix it continue. I just think of the arm chair quarterback analogy.... Jeff
  3. Jglnaz372

    What to do with the Surface....long article

    Microsoft: Here's what you need to do with Surface tablets | ZDNet FYI Jeff
  4. Jglnaz372

    Do we care who makes our tablets? (Article title)

    I saw this MacWorld article and thought it might be good for some debate on the Surface forum. Do we care who makes our tablets? Is price the determining factor because of the troubled economy? These are just a few of the questions brought up. Report: Tablet buyers don't care who makes their...
  5. Jglnaz372

    Surface Pro-$100 off until August 29th

    Microsoft slashes $100 off price of Surface Pro tablets through August 29 | ZDNet FYI. Jeff
  6. Jglnaz372

    Surface RT-Why those who have it enjoy it!

    Nice article about using Surface RT and why people love it that have it. Real-world confessions from Surface RT owners: Who loves it and why | PCWorld
  7. Jglnaz372

    RT info

    Found this article and thought it was very interesting how RT can be used in the real world! Have a great weekend all. Jeff OMG! They?re using Windows RT! | ZDNet
  8. Jglnaz372

    RT Article-Nice Explanation of Its Future

    Source: Microsoft Surface RT isn't dead | PCWorld Good article that explains what the earnings released today means to the non business/economic majors like myself. Hopefully it is true that MS will improve the platform and not give up on it.
  9. Jglnaz372

    The RT bashing continues....

    Microsoft's Q4 unravels, Surface RT bet flops | ZDNet Deals with the 4th quarter earnings of Microsoft.
  10. Jglnaz372

    Surface RT price reduction.

    Found this on my news site. Really good price! Surface RT 32GB gets price cut to $349 at Staples, starting July 14th Jeff
  11. Jglnaz372

    Latest Windows OS usage chart.

    This article has some user information on what versions of Windows OS we are using. Latest OS share data shows Windows still dominating in PCs | ZDNet
  12. Jglnaz372

    Article in April 1st Autoweek about Surface RT

    I subscribe to Autoweek magazine and they had a half page article about a Toyota NASCAR race team in their Nationwide series that has a partnership with Microsoft and they use Surface RT ' s to let the drivers see info on lap times and other info while sitting in the car getting work done during...
  13. Jglnaz372

    Article on Surface RT

    This article was posted on my newsfeed and even though it shares nothing we do not already know, it seems to be a very fair piece and sums up what many have said was good and bad about the RT. The usual complaints like not many apps (which the article says is getting better) and poor camera. I...
  14. Jglnaz372

    Very positive article on Pro.

    FYI. Surface Pro: My week as engineer and train commuter | ZDNet

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