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    Edit: graphite bumper now available

    Update: it is now available at Bestbuy. Ordered mine online. ------- This appears to be sold out. Was wondering if we can paint the white bumpers or due them. Any thoughts on this? Really want the dark bumper to match the blacl honeycomb from D-brand.
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    Wifi randomly disconnecting

    Anthony experiencimg wifi disconnecting and unable to reconnect until the phone is rebooted? This has happened to me twice today and once yesterday. My wifi is Google wifi, not sure yet if wifi issue or duo issue. A reboot clears the issue tho. Anyone else experiencing the same?
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    Now part of the Duo family

    Hey guys. Just got the Duo. Took the plunge and forked the amount for the 256GB, got it from Best Buy. Never been this excited on a device since my SBook2 that I ended up giving to wife as I have a company laptop. First 2 hours so far..... I have no clue about all those bashing the device. I...
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    Trackpad keeps disappearing....

    Hey. My SB2 keeps losing the Trackpad/mouse cursor..... at times, the screen leaves a round/circle mark like when you press the screen and stays there, but then the mouse vanishes.... I can power off the screen then power back on and the mouse comes back.... but it's getting annoying as it's...
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    Does the SB2 box say 2?

    Hey just ordered a 2nd SB2, this time the 13 inch. The box should it say surface book 2 or still just surface book? I no longer have the box on mg 15 inch and ordered this one inline so just want to be sure it is sb2 before i open.
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    Argh Got a small ding on my SB2 Tablet side

    Hello guys, so I got my first ding on my SB2. First time I had a ding since having my surface devices (back from SP Pro) so it's a bit frustrating. And this is the only time I did not get that extended plan from MS. Still not sure how I got it, as I never dropped or banged the book on any hard...
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    Anyone play Fortnite on your SB/SB2?

    Hey guys. My daughter got hooked on Fortnite on PS4, and wants me to play with her. But I only have one PS4, so I thought of installing it on the 15" SB2. It's been ages since I last played on a PC lol.... and was wondering if any of you guys here play Fortnite on the SB or SB2? How is it...
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    Took the plunge. SB2 15" 512GB RAM .... Awesome Device!!

    Hello guys!! Not really new, but disappeared for a while due to multiple projects going on. Anyway, I'm coming from SP1 -> SP3 -> SB i7 -> SP4, and now after much debating and holding back, I took the plunge. I can say I'm a proud owner of a Surface Book 2 15 inch model. One word I can use to...
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    FS: Brand new Surface Book i7 512GBSSD 16GB RAM dGPU. New

    Selling my surface book i7 512GB 16GB Ram dgpu. Almost new no scuff marks of any kind. Also got the ms protection plan. Need to sell asap. I'm in NJ feelfree to pm me. Update: My previous one is already sold so i updated the title. Im selling another one which is brand new. Pm me
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    Anyone able to run Forza on DGPU model?

    Anyone able to run forza on their surface books?
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    SB crashes when playing a video from facebook site... getting frustrating

    Hey. Anyone else encounter the same issue, where when you go to facebook using the edge browser, the whole surface book freezes until you press the power button or the detach button.... this is seriously starting to get frustrating.... all updates are installed but it seems the book is getting...
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    Got my SB replaced and got an excellent after sales service

    I've been reading some mishaps and some horror stories of experiences with purchasing or support, so I figured I'd share my experience with getting my replacement unit. I got my SB from CDW through a business account. I started having some BSOD and some minor quirks (blinking screen, total...
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    Can we scale RDP session on Surface Book? Mine goes 100%

    Hey has anyone tried using remote desktop on your SB? How's the scaling? Mine goes to 100% scaling, hence the fonts are barely readable. Can anyone confirm?
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    SB goes into tablet mode whenever I turn it on

    Hey guys. So I have all updates installed as well as the beta drivers for the intel graphics card. SO far this beast has been stable for me except for one issue: the notebook goes into tablet mode when I power it on after closing the lid for a few hours. I have set the tablet mode to...
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    Massive screen resolution. Display percentage

    Ok I have had my SB for like two hours now. Aside from the initial issue I had unboxing it to a 0% battery then Other User on login screen, so far I have not had any issues. Yea Windows Hello was missing but that was fixed after running updates. Now, this thing is massive, massively good...
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    Does the battery on screen get charged by base?

    Will the battery on the base charge the battery in the screen? Like if I'm on clipboard mode and I deplete the battery, will plugging it back to the base charge the battery in the clipboard, if I don't have the charger with me? Don't have the book yet, waiting for mine, but I'm curious if the...
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    Will you go MS all the way to phone if you already have surface book?

    Hey guys. Currently i got rid of my sp3 as I'm getting the surface book and/or maybe surface pro4 for the other half. The question is, if you already are getting the book or the pro4, is there a reason to get the Lumia with its continuum? Or not worth getting it since you already are getting the...
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    upgraded win 8.1 to win10 build 10041. Issues with explorer...

    Hey guys, been a while since i last posted. Anyway, I installed Win10 preview when it first came out and reverted back to Win 8.1. Now I have upgraed again to Win 10 TP Build 10041 but it looks like it crashed my surface pro 3. I did an upgrade not fresh install. Right after I log in, the...
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    8.1 and row tiles issue, only in SP or 8.1 in general?

    Hey. Ok so the 8.1 is supposed to be RTM this Aug. There have been patches/updates rolling constantly. However, one issue that has not been fixed as of yet is the row tiles setting not sticking. I'm referring to the 6 row tiles in the SP, by setting in display more settings to smaller. When...
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    scratch on gorilla glass, with type cover....

    This is the second surface pro for me. The first one had a scratch on the screen on the upper left of the screen (on the black border). MS store has replaced the previous one and I have a protection plan. Now this one also has the same scratch on the same area of the screen. Bummer. Anyone...

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