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    Mail App in 8.1 Almost Unusable for Original RT

    I don't have any issues with the new mail app. Have it syncing my Hotmail, work and Gmail without issues. My Hotmail account is about 2gb..
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    Post Screenshots Here!

    Heres my win 8.1 start screen. Loving the small tiles.
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    Win 8.1 and RT 8.1 Impressions

    swipe in from right 0n start screen, settings>tiles. select show more tiles for 4 rows in start..
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    Cool things to do w/ Windows Phone 8, Xbox, and now Surface RT?

    I love browsing videos that are on my laptop with my surface RT and using the play to functionality in windows 8 to play them to the xbox then watch as all the movie info comes up in smart glass.
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    HowTo Enable Your Favourite Flash-Site in Metro IE10

    i don't seem to have a <flash> section at all in this file. I have a < NoFlash> section..but the site I am trying to use is not in there.
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    Skydrive and File Manager

    Tried that and it still won't map the drive. It gives me: but still says it can't find it. :(. Tried it with a folder name on the end as well.[edit] strangely I can add this as a network location, just can't map it as a drive...
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    Skydrive and File Manager

    stupid question, but how do I find the network address of my skydrive. I have tried a few things but nothing seems to work when mapping a network drive...:(
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    Headset or Earbuds

    i use sound magic E30's and they are great.
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    Tile Rows on Surface RT

    And its back. I turn it off most nights and when I turned it on this morning I had 4 rows again. Wonder how long it will last this time.. :) [edit]just out of interest I restarted again but it came back with 3 rows. Also when I had 4 rows and the screen went off it reverted to 3 when I...
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    duplicate entries in people app

    Still no resolution to this. I have linked all my accounts again, and linked contacts where possible bit still have 3 entries per person with 2 I can't delete or link. V annoying. [edit] upgraded my laptop to w8 now and there are no duplicates in the people app. so its surface specific...
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    Tile Rows on Surface RT

    It's gone now, back to 3 rows :( it is better use of the screen real estate IMO. Should be an option.
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    Tile Rows on Surface RT!2142&authkey=!AAQUS3tndzuzEZY lets see if this works.
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    Remote Desktop App

    laptop upgraded to w8 and remote desktop is a go. thanks for all the help, going to be extra useful for some of my work stuff. :)
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    Tile Rows on Surface RT

    I currently have 4 rows of tiles. Power up from cold. Looks much a screen shot but can't seem to post them from my surface.
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    Remote Desktop App

    I am upgrading to w8 as we speak, will give remote desktop another go when its done
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    Remote Desktop App

    and there we have it, I am running w7 on the home laptop. good excuse for an upgrade I suppose :)
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    Remote Desktop App

    remote assistance is enabled, and i checked the firewall and there is a rule enabled in there for Remote Assistance.
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    Remote Desktop App

    still no luck im afraid. just isnt finding the home laptop. even tried it with both on my home LAN using internal IP's still no connection happening. will have another play with it tonight when i get home.
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    Remote Desktop App

    ok, did all this today and still unable to connect to my home pc. ports forwarded, remote connections enabled on home laptop, but cant find the pc. :(
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    A Tablet You Can Actually Do Work On

    i have been telling all my IT friends what a great piece of kit the surface is and the main thing I keep saying is true multi tasking on screen.. its a better work device than most laptops. love its integration to xbox for music, video and games. and office with skydrive and remote desktop just...

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