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  1. Plantje

    Just a thought...Surface duo like spanning on a regular Surface

    Just a thought.... I have seen some presentations of the Surface Duo and some of the scenarios of spanning apps over the two screens seem really useful to me! And I would love to have the option to use the same type of spanning on my regular Surface Pro. What do you think? Would it be nice to be...
  2. Plantje

    Pen not responding

    I have a SP2017 Advanced LTE and I noticed every once in a while (seems to be especially when I rest my palm on the screen) the pen stops responding. Happens in OneNote and Whiteboard. Battery of the pen is at 62%. And after a while it starts responding again. I'm at Windows 10 1909 Any idea...
  3. Plantje

    Surface Pro 2017 Advanced LTE: Prevent light bleed spots in the middle of the screen

    Yesterday I received my fourth SP 2017 Advanced LTE. All three previous devices have been sent back with the same issue: light bleed spots somewhere in the screen. A few facts: I am aware that light bleed on the edges of a LCD panel is common and no reason to return a tablet. These are spots in...
  4. Plantje

    New option of iOS apps coming to Windows 10?

    On WWDC Apple presented the option to compile an iOS app for MacOS as well by ticking one box. That would mean that these apps would then be working on a non-ARM system (I think MacOS runs on Intel core i CPUs as well). Sooooo, would that open the door to porting that to a non-ARM Windows 10...
  5. Plantje

    Use whiteboard file created on Surface hub in Windows 10

    Not sure where to put this. Yesterday I have given a presentation using the Surface Hub we have in our office. I used the Whiteboard app on the Surface Hub and wanted to open the created file on my Surface Pro. However, it only gets stored as a .png and a OneNote file. How can I continue to...
  6. Plantje

    Weird start screen

    An issue I had with my Surface 3 every now and then returns on my Surface Pro 5. See this screen shot: 2019-02-28.png The issue in this is obviously not the erased parts, I did that myself for privacy purposes. The issue is all the tiles not containing any images and the smaller even don't...
  7. Plantje

    Difference between different Surface pens

    Hi, I have a Surface Pro 5 and lost my Surface Pro 4 pen. I want to buy a new one, but I do not know which one to choose. I want the newest one with 4096 pressure points. But I find two different ones: eyv-00002 and eyu-00002...
  8. Plantje

    Videos from Engadget don't play

    How come videos from Engadget don't play in Edge, but do run in IE? (They also don't run in Nextgen reader) This one for example: Microsoft HoloLens 2 hands-on: A giant leap closer to mixed reality Asked this on the Microsoft community as well. After receiving a reply where I need to basically...
  9. Plantje

    Powerpoint opened on Surface Pro looks weird on original device

    In our company a lot of Powerpoint is used. For example for creating a resume to send to clients. If I get a Powerpoint template, open it on my Surface Pro and edit it, it looks all crooked on a 16:9 device. Most likely the template was created on a 16:9 device. However, I don't recall...
  10. Plantje

    Scaling for WhatsApp web

    I regularly use WhatsApp web while using my Surface Pro in tablet mode. Sometimes if the on screen keyboard pops up I can see the text box in which I am typing and sometimes the text does shift up, but the input box is just behind the on screen keyboard. I don't know what is different when I...
  11. Plantje

    Compare gaming on X Box One S to SP 2017 i5

    Hi, I have a Surface Pro 2017 i5/8/256 and I am looking for ways to start casual gaming. I don't have the time to do a lot of games, but every now and then I would like to play something. I'm very interested in for example Assassin's Creed and like to start at the beginning and play it from the...
  12. Plantje

    Few questions about my Surface Pro 2017

    A while ago I bought a Surface Pro 2017 LTE i5/8/256 to replace my Surface 3 LTE 4/128 and I am very happy with it! In a while this will also replace my desktop at home. Then I will always have almost everything available everywhere. Still hoping Waze will come with a Windows 10 app (which I...
  13. Plantje

    Does a Surface (Pro) scratch easily or is it removable?

    Today I wanted to get my Surface Pro out of the bag and I noticed a USB c cable was touching my Surface Pro. The plug was touching it... Immediately I noticed something that looked like a scratch or at least a discolouration. Is it that easily damaged? Or is it possible to whipe this off? Or...
  14. Plantje

    Surface Pro LTE switch mobile operator/network

    Hi, I'm on vacation and whereas my Samsung Galaxy S8 automatically switches from one operator to another, my Surface Pro LTE keeps looking for Vodafone NL. And then it says (obviously since I am in Slovenia) that there is no service. Is there a way to switch operators/network? Thanks!
  15. Plantje

    Screen protector or not?

    I'm really happy with my Surface Pro 2017 and I am really in doubt whether or not to buy a screen protector. On my Surface 3's I have sometimes used a tempered glass screen protector. Next to the fact that they're pretty expensive I never managed to put it on there without a tiny bit of dust...
  16. Plantje

    Got mine!

    Yesterday I bought me a Surface Pro 2017 LTE i5/8/256. Combined with a Surface Pro Type Cover with fingerprint reader for € 1100,- it's a real bargain! I'm very happy with it! Still I have not done a lot with it since I am getting married tomorrow. I will be here more at the forums again I...
  17. Plantje

    How to check for GPS hardware?

    I am still configuring my latest S3 (fifth one now) and I notice in the device management I see no location sensors. Perhaps I am looking in the wrong place. In the settings I do see the possibility to disable GLONASS. Sometimes when I am on the go my location cannot be pinpointed. Right now it...
  18. Plantje

    Looking for broken Surface (Pro) 3 Type Cover

    Hi, I am looking for a broken Type Cover for a Surface 3. I guess a Type Cover of a Surface Pro 3 would be fine as well. The only thing I need is the magnetic connection. I am trying to use it as a mount for in my car. Thanks!
  19. Plantje

    Junk E-mail

    How come all mails from end up as junk E-mail on my Outlook? I have repeatedly marked the mails as "not junk"
  20. Plantje

    Battery issues only on Surface PRO 3?

    Recently there have been some battery issues. Microsoft confirmed they occurred on the Surface Pro 3 with batteries from the manufacturer Simplo. LG made batteries for the device as well and they don't have the issue. Does this issue occur for the Surface 3 as well? I have a Surface 3 with a...

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