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  1. XXLMandalorian

    The dreaded screen flicker again

    Well, I'm am in I similar situation. We had a SP4 and it was flickering during Team's meetings. Can't say if the screen replacement will fix it but it should. Might as well replace the ribbon cables as they are only $10ish each. I had read that the screen getting too hot but another post said...
  2. XXLMandalorian

    Dell U3415Wb to Surface Pro 7

    I don't think you can use the USB port to display on the Dock 2. You must be using some kind of adapter to go from usb to display, right? What is it? Have you told it to "extend" and see if it sees it then? At my job we use the Type C ports with adapters like this guy...
  3. XXLMandalorian

    Is there a specific mode that can guarantee no noise from the fans on an SP7 i7? Please let me know...

    Well, I work with some surface Pros/Books at work and cooling is an issue with the SP4s but we also have some SP7s and SB 3's too. They are all kind of loud when in Team's video calls/meetings when using the built-in mic but a headset makes it a non-issue. If you really don't want to use a...
  4. XXLMandalorian

    Solved: CPU stuck at .19 GHz

    Hello I would like to share a fix I read off a windows forums post taht worked for me. I had a user come to me today saying their Surface Pro 7 was really slow. I notice the CPU was locked at .19GHZ. Just wanted to share for any one with this issue. I have read it works on SP3 and 7 as well as...
  5. XXLMandalorian

    Surface Pro 4 Screen Replacement

    I have matched up my serial number as 1724 and on my old screen I have LTL123YL01-07 as well as -02 how do I tell what screen I need? I had got this screen thinking it was what I needed but no dice when I plug in the cables to the surface and digitizer connector. I tried my old screen again and...
  6. XXLMandalorian

    Surface Pro 4 Screen Replacement

    What do I need to know when looking for a SP4 replacement screen to know if it will work?
  7. XXLMandalorian

    Square Metal Magnet

    Found it attached to a bundle of screw
  8. XXLMandalorian

    Square Metal Magnet

    Well it works but it had the screen flicker issue and in the process of me taking it apart I shattered the screen. When I was taking it apart I lost that square magnet. I could not find any info on this magnet so I didn't want to upgrade the NVME and get a new screen if I lost some proprietary...
  9. XXLMandalorian

    Square Metal Magnet

    Hello, So in the process of botching a screen removal and I lost one of the square metal magnet things. I assume its just one of the two pen holder but I cant find it and don't want to order more parts if the thing wont turn on. Anyone have any info on this? I added where it came from on...

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