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  1. J515OP

    Shutting down via the power button.

    Title fixed. JP
  2. J515OP

    Surface Pro 128Gb = $499 at BestBuy!!

    Yep, had to pop back in :) Still can't believe I just got 2 pros but at that price it was basically buy one get one free. Had been considering a RT2 and a fully loaded Pro2 a little down the line but now that's all changed now. I have been very happy with the way the software has been...
  3. J515OP

    Surface Pro 128Gb = $499 at BestBuy!!

    Got two of them from MS :D Can't beat that price.
  4. J515OP

    Excellent Article : Haswell - What You Need To Know...

    RT has its place in time fundamentally there is nothing inherently wrong with RT it is just windows for ARM processors. This is a good bet for diversification by MS and fills an immediate gap. The game changer in all this is Intel. With power requirements and prices on x86 chips making leaps and...
  5. J515OP

    What's coming in Windows 8.1

    After slide 2 I'm out. I don't want 3 different windows OSes any more than I want 2 or more of any OS. MS has along way to go still but the first one that can pull off the universal experience with one OS is the one I'm going for. Right now that is MS If Apple or Google can pull something...
  6. J515OP

    Ordered my Surface RT!

    What I meant is Windows is really good about managing the run sources unlike the old days so you shouldn't have to worry about it for modern ui apps. You do still need to manually account for desktop apps though. So if you have word, excel and ie with 10 tabs open you might want to close some...
  7. J515OP

    Windows * 32-bit OS on Surface

    You shouldnt have to install win8 32 just fore an app. Instead you should just be able to run in compatibility mode.
  8. J515OP

    Microsoft Surface Pro vs. Haswell lineup

    Yep in that case I'm not buying ;) I see no value in that over any other ultrabook and would be inclined to look elsewhere in that case. But if what you really want is a standard ultrabook called a Surface then so be it :) Different devices for different people and for me the gen 1 form factor...
  9. J515OP

    What Docking Station give best display results

    Each method has its purpose. Some people may prefer the single giant desktop vs 2 independent monitors. At least the adapter isn't too expensive and you now have it if you want it ;)
  10. J515OP

    Just Got a surface Pro

    Congrats to both of you :)
  11. J515OP

    Ordered my Surface RT!

    You don't need to but if you want to there are 3 main ways. 1. Swipe from the top of the screen all the way to the bottom. The app will shrink then go off the screen. 2. From task manager in desktop you can choose apps to close. 3. Get the open apps list by swiping in from the left edge...
  12. J515OP

    What's coming in Windows 8.1

    Yes. There are hundreds of discussions about this very thing between Android and iPhone. Android has it iPhone doesn't and it is a big difference between the two. 15 Android widgets that will make iPhone users jealous | TechRepublic Live Wallpapers for iPhone/iPad (without jailbreak) - iPhone...
  13. J515OP

    Third Party Chargers

    They are interchangeable provided you get ones that are ;) Third party knock offs don't usually include the smart circuits to ensure they don't melt down. Unless you are sure it will work on both use caution or expect there may be some issues. This has already happened with some people who tried...
  14. J515OP

    PSA- Prey. If you don't have it, get it. Recover your stolen device.

    Oh yes you can. Read more: Wayne Dobson Is The Victim Of 'Find My iPhone' - Business Insider
  15. J515OP

    Report: Majority of Windows 8 Users Ignore Metro / Modern UI Applications

    Mitchell you have so far missed the mark here. What does technology or software or anything MS can do have any control over how somebody phsycally holds the device? In fact I don't always attribute difficulty with Windows to dumb users, see post #9. I don't care how fancy a toothbrush's...
  16. J515OP

    Microsoft Details Windows 8.1 Including the Return of the Start Button

    Awesome: Users will be able to use their lock screens as a slideshow to show off their favorite set of photos quickly move around apps to your liking by resizing them and moving multiple apps around at the same time Windows 8 Search also is receiving a nice little bump As for built-in apps...
  17. J515OP

    Surface Pro has VERY good battery life - around 6 hours for me.

    If you can go lower on the screen brightness that will definitely improve battery life. Going as low as you can (within reason but you should be able to go under 40%) on brightness should get you back over 4 hours. Also turning bluetooth off it not is use should help.
  18. J515OP

    Tracking Stolen Surface Pro

    How's this for an idea?
  19. J515OP

    PSA- Prey. If you don't have it, get it. Recover your stolen device.

    Hire this guy to protect it and track it.
  20. J515OP

    Report: Majority of Windows 8 Users Ignore Metro / Modern UI Applications

    Should MS also be showing people how to brush their teeth and tie their shoes? ;) Come on that has nothing to do with Windows 8, the Surface Pro or anything remotely MS's responsibility. This is 100% user error (or another stronger word). Why did they even get a Surface Pro tablet if they were...

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