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  1. J515OP

    Periodic Table of Elements

    Need a PTE? This one seems pretty cool. Elements: The Periodic Table app for Windows in the Windows Store
  2. J515OP

    Hotmail Officially Dead

    Outlook Blog - 400 million active accounts, Hotmail upgrade complete and more features on the way
  3. J515OP

    Surface Screen Angle

    Yes a multi-position kickstand would be nice but this isn't about the possible angles of the kickstand. Instead this about the usability of the screen at the angle the that is included. The question is simple, do you have any issues seeing or using the screen at the included kickstand angle...
  4. J515OP

    Why MS killed the Start Button (most don't use/need it)

    Well this topic has had a resurgence even though it has been beat to death and we had finally started moving on. The fact is MS keeps track of how elements of Windows are used and the Start button is basically an unused item. It is a design that they can see is outdated by these stats and it was...
  5. J515OP

    Offficial Twitter App Now Available

    The official Twitter app is now available in the app store. Twitter Blog: Welcome Twitter for Windows 8
  6. J515OP

    PC Benchmark Apps

    Seems to be a basic but good benchmarking app with tests for Disk speed, CPU, RAM and GPU. PC Benchmark for Windows 8 on Great Windows Apps
  7. J515OP

    TouchPal Swipe like keyboard for Windows 8

    If you like the Swipe style keyboard here is a similar one for Windows 8. TouchPal Keyboard, Feel the speed on your touchscreen.
  8. J515OP

    Microsoft Mail App: Improvements?

    It is clear that Outlook is Microsoft's killer mail app and where they want to drive users (whether locally or through 365/OWA). As an alternate to that Microsoft would love to drive users to These may be the main reasons for the very simplistic mail app they have provided in...
  9. J515OP

    Hands on: Getting real work done with Surface RT

    By Debra Littlejohn Shinder January 28, 2013, 7:32 AM PST Takeaway: Deb Shinder shares her experience using Surface RT as her working computer at CES 2013. Find out where RT stumbles and where it excels. My experiment in using the Surface RT as my working computer on the trip to Las Vegas...
  10. J515OP

    A Well Reasoned Windows 8/Surface Article: The real work of Windows 8 lies ahead

    This seems to be a balanced article about where MS currently is with Windows 8 and the Surface. Source: The real work of Windows 8 lies ahead- MSN Money
  11. J515OP

    Flash Memory Actual Capacity Estimates

    Here is a handy chart I Googled from a flash memory manufacturer for anybody who wants a reference. Keep this in mind when you see articles proclaiming how much space is taken by apps or OSes or by manufacturers claiming the capacity of their devices. Source: USB Storage | Idol Memory The...
  12. J515OP

    MS Offering Upgrade from RT to Pro for Difference in Price?

    Just spoke to an employee at a MS kiosk yesterday and he informed me MS locations will be offering a trade in upgrade from Surface RT to Surface Pro for the difference in price. So far only available at MS locations. JP
  13. J515OP

    Modern IE vs. Desktop IE

    I don't mind the split between Modern UI and the Desktop that many people have complained about with Windows 8. For me I see the benefits of each and have no problem jumping between them without a "jarring" experience. However, I do experience this complaint when it comes the the IE browser. I...
  14. J515OP

    [How To] Add Folders to the Windows 8 Desktop Taskbar

    To create a link to a specific folder or directory on the Windows 8 Desktop Taskbar you need to employ a small trick. Here are the steps. 1. Launch and instance of File Explorer and navigate to the folder you wish to add to the Taskbar. 2. Right click (long press) the folder and choose Send...
  15. J515OP

    Windows 8 Commercial

    Why isn't MS doing more Windows 8 commercials like this?
  16. J515OP

    Software engineer 'outsourced' his entire job to China for a fifth of his salary

    Simply awesome in the sense of the word that it is awe inspiring... Source: Software engineer 'outsourced' his entire job to China for a fifth of his salary | The Verge
  17. J515OP

    Windows App Stores

    Want to browse Windows Apps and see what is out there? Microsoft hasn't made this easy to do from the web but here is a solution to finding apps. This is also an app you can install that may be preferable to the default app store. Great Windows Apps: Great Windows Apps - A Better Windows Store...
  18. J515OP

    Good News for Xbox SmartGlass?

    Interesting to note Krikorian's previous company was Sling Media. That potentially means very good things for Xbox SmartGlass. After all who better to integrate media sharing than the co-founder of Sling? Via: Microsoft buys R2 Studios, appoints founder Blake Krikorian to Interactive...
  19. J515OP

    Surface RT & Pro Power and Charging Specs

    Below is a table of the Surface power and charging specs as well as common USB specs and high powered tablet and phone specs. Surface RT 12V @ 2A = 24W of charging power. (Battery is 7.4V, 31.5Wh, 4257mAh) Surface Pro 12V @ 3.6A = 43.2W of charging power plus a USB slot providing 5V @ 1A...
  20. J515OP

    Windows Refresh and Factory Reset

    Refresh or reset your Surface Refresh Surface | Reset Surface | Reinstall Windows If you're having problems with your Surface, you can try to refresh it or reset it. Refreshing your Surface reinstalls Windows and keeps your personal files, settings, and the apps that came with your Surface...

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