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    Lenovo halts sales of small-screen Windows tablets in US due to lack of interest

    I think kodos is correct - Lenovo discovered there is no US market for a small tablet without an active digitizer. I look forward to what they are going to release to remedy this
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    broken record: is the sleep crash bug fixed yet?

    Still crashes, but less frequently, once every couple of days now. As best I can tell the improvement was accidental, a result of the sd card high CPU fix issued a few weeks ago. Still not good enough that I can feel uncomfortable unloading this POS
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    [Solved] How to save Here maps offline

    It should work fine on the Surface - open Here, go to the settings charm and select Download Maps
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    Have they fixed the bug where the device crashes when booting from sleep?

    No, they haven't fixed it. But Super Tuesday is right around the corner... there's always hope
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    Surface Pro 2 - best ways to transfer files with desktop

    Not a fan of OneDrive myself. Used to have problems with it hanging, I will not give up my rights and condone NSA spying, and cloud sync starts getting ugly if you have a DSL connection and multiple devices. Latest fiasco: through utter incompetence MS flushed 200GB of my storage down the...
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    Surface now hibernates instead of sleeping.

    it is best not to assume you are hibernating - you could be crashing. Look in the event viewer for "the last shutdown was unexpected" (or something like that). Some SP2s including both I've owned crash when trying to transition from sleep to hibernate
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    Surface pro 2 died

    Try volume up and power buttons simultaneously for 20 seconds. The screen will flash once or twice but keeping holding. Do you have any blinking LEDs behind the microSD slot?
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    A update (through Windows Update) brick my Surface Pro 2 256Gb

    Hi Rob- This should help a bit - you should be able to copy the contents of the recovery partition during the process Recovery Drive - Create with USB Flash Drive in Windows 8 One word of warning - early in this thread I talked about using DISM. One of the things DISM does if it finds a...
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    SanDisk 128 GB Format for Speed?

    I can't speak for speed since I stopped using SD due to the high CPU issue, but I can say this - if your machine exhibits freezes/crashes I wouldn't touch anything other than NTFS, regardless of speed impact (if any). NTFS is the only format I have used/would ever use on an SP2
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    Would This Be Possible.. Or Practical?

    FWIW I *think* the battery wear metric is not entirely accurate in the early weeks. When you take it out of the box, it has already been "told" what the capacity should be, then adaptively learns about "actual" capacity via the "fuel gage" function. Thus if the capacity of the new battery was...
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    Charger Cable Light?

    Others have reported the light turning off - this is a bug introduced in one of the firmware updates and it surfaced before power covers were introduced. Best as I can tell the bug is not widespread (its one of the few I DON'T have). My guess is that the light is unrelated to the cover...
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    Device Waking from Sleep Mode

    For me many times when my SP2 "hard" crashes (you can hear the fans for several seconds) it will corrupt the clock. Odd thing is the clock doesn't go way off in the weeds (like November 2008), it always has the correct date but the time is off a 1-3 hours or so - 1hr 3 minutes, 2 hours and 17...
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    A update (through Windows Update) brick my Surface Pro 2 256Gb

    0xC0000185 is STATUS_IO_DEVICE_ERROR: improper termination or defective cabling of SCSI-based devices, or two devices attempting to use the same IRQ. If you have an SD card plugged in remove it and try to reboot. If that does not work I would personally try volume up/power for 20 seconds. The...
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    Intel Graphics Drivers not being updated through firmware updates

    Could that be the one that was placed there by the last driver version? I had one on the desktop that was broken but deleted it prior to this install
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    Flash No Longer Working on RT After IE11/Flash Updates

    You could try this for fun. Easy, should do no damage How to repair or reinstall Internet Explorer in Windows
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    Intel Graphics Drivers not being updated through firmware updates

    Yes. And it actually works, unlike the last one :-)
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    A update (through Windows Update) brick my Surface Pro 2 256Gb

    Personally I would not flatten your SP2 quite yet. I would: 1. Click on "Install default secure boot keys" the next time you see the BIOS screen 2. After Windows starts open an elevated (run as administrator) command prompt and run "sfc /scannow" (no quotes) 3. After that completes, from the...
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    March Firmware Update is......back!

    It reappeared yesterday so I installed it since I have nothing to lose. Best as I can tell it is the exact same one they pulled because it sucked. My theory is they re-released this crappy version anyway since without out it there is no power cover support (now shipping). Its only been 12...
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    March Firmware Update is......back!

    I just got an SP2 swap yesterday and it only "found" the 2/11 firmware update. Rumors of the re-release of the 3/11 firmware update have been greatly exaggerated. For entertainment purposes here's what you would have if the 3/11 unicorn actually existed Microsoft Surface Pro 2 update history...
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    What happened to March Firmware Update?

    Sorry dude, no offense but you are making excuses where none are granted. Firstly all the major drivers are not written by MS, they are written by the hardware vendors and except for Marvell they know what they are doing and have been at it a lot longer than 15 years. I think the only...

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