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    Heat shutdown on RT

    Same here - mine did it today after about 30 mins (80 degrees in some sunlight) - I welcome this feature over plunking down another $500 for sure
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    8 Products That Won't Make It To 2014

    Well, we could counter with our own article ... "8 Reviewers that won't make it to 2014"
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    picture password trick

    Initial attempts to use this feature have not been successful for me, but I am sure it is a case of "replace user and strike any key to continue"
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    Multitasking on a Surface is a Snap

    Great post ... shows me a different perspective on my old Win7 ALT-TAB mentality
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    Graphic artifacts.

    Guys - question: that issue occurred on my device, however, only once ... cause for concern and replacement, or just perhaps a fluke? It happened about 3 weeks ago
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    SDXC card question...

    I personally chose exFAT because I use custom ROMs on my Android devices and am too cheap to buy add'l MicroSD cards. It makes it easy for me to download the .zip files on the Surface and then pop the card into the Android.
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    Screen Clean

    Monster ScreenClean (comes with Microfiber cloth)
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    And we wonder why reviews are so bad . . .

    Novell CCNE and Lotus CC Mail Administrator here - thank god when NT 4 and Windows 95 was finally approved by the company

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