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    Code 10 on High Definition Audio Controller

    Hello, Are all SP3 users have this problem on their SP3 ? Is someone has solve this ? I always have the Device performance health which complains about that controller.
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    Had to create MS Account for each domain user ?

    Hi, We just bought some surface pro 2 in my enterprise. I have now users with windows 8.1 on my domain. I work with windows 8 and 8.1 since the first day and i have a Microsoft account. I can use OneDrive, OneNote, Mail, Store etc. Is there a way for my users to use these Apps without...
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    Get 5.1 Trough HDMI

    [Solved] Get 5.1 Trough HDMI Hi all, i have a problem with my surface pro, i can't get 5.1 channel with HDMI output I have : Surface pro MiniDP to HDMI adapter HDMI cable (1.4 i think) TV LG 47LA6130 cabled with a toslink to a Sony 5.1 amplifier When i tried to configure the...