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    Just got my Bragi Dash last night.

    This thing rocks! Sound quality is great and just using it last night testing the different FitSleeves and listening to some music, it was so liberating not having a wire touching my neck or side of my face like my previous Jaybirds. They're expensive at $299, but the Jaybirds...

    Can anyone do me a favor and test this out?

    I know the i7 isn't going to be up to snuff on high bitrate HEVC 4k video because i've tried on a Toshiba Radius with the i7-6500u and it pegged the cpu. Anyone got some spare time to try out a video from here: Demo Ultra-HD - LG 4K - View the Feeling using MPC HC and hardware acceleration from...

    Ipad Pro problems surfacing.

    What's this about Apple products just working? iPad Pro users report freezing after charging

    Google Chrome causes laptop drain and battery issues.

    For those that are having battery issues, I had a feeling this was due to users who installed Chrome. I've never had to install Chrome on my Surface because I can do everything I need on IE. So I've never experienced this kind of battery drain.

    Surface name rumored to be replaced by HORRIBLE name Lumia.

    One of the most horrid and lucrative rumors I've ever heard. Lumia is difficult to pronounce. I cringe every time I hear someone say Lumina like the Chevrolet Lumina. That car SUCKED! I don't know about you, but I don't want my tablet associated with that horrible POS and of which people can't...

    Keyboard doesn't sit flush folded back

    I didn't know this was how it is on the type cover. Is it like that on the previous gen. Surface type covers? Kind of a downer.

    Miracast Works on Surface 2

    Tested multiple times with disconnecting and reconnecting. Still has mouse lag and streaming video sound still stutters. This seems to be an issue only with streaming from the web, not a local file. It needs to have these 2 issues addressed to be perfect. For browsing and presenting, it...

    Jaybird Bluebuds X - Bluetooth headphones

    I've had these for a while now and just wanted to share. These have worked amazingly awesome for me in the gym and everywhere else. Completely sweatproof. Durable, comfortable, and out of the way. Kinda pricey, but one of my favorite purchases to date. Not the best design ever as there is some...

    8.1 Miracast support test with Netgear Push2TV

    Just did a quick vid last night after a short test with a Netgear PTV3000 Push2TV. It works very well actually. I did update to the newest firmware too. There was a couple times where it froze while I was messing with display...