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    New Surface Pro 3 Firmware released

    So yeah, it did not at all reflect what you say.. for the Disk and cpu performance.
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    Cooling option - S-Pro III?

    Hello, Custom solutions exists right there: Custom Fan to Reduce Throttling
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    Code 10 on High Definition Audio Controller

    Just to add some informations : No sound via DP Fresh install of W10 1709 tried to install W10 1511 same problem The device disappears when the surface wake up from sleep can't find a driver containing VEN_8086&DEV_0A0C or VEN_8086&DEV_9C20 sometimes the error is on 9C20 device, sometimes the...
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    Code 10 on High Definition Audio Controller

    Hello, Are all SP3 users have this problem on their SP3 ? Is someone has solve this ? I always have the Device performance health which complains about that controller.
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    New Surface Pro 3 Firmware released

    Hello, new FW deployed yesterday in France. Small Bench w/o and w/ Spectre protection SP3 i7 8GB 256GB
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    New Graphics Driver Version From Intel 7/23/15

    Hi, You can find a mega link in this thread. Installed here, no problem so far.
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    Windows 10 - PCI Simple Communications Controller?

    hi, try windows update. It's OK for my SP3 on 10135 build
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    Clicking from speakers

    just heard the cliking sound, im on windows 10 (10130)
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    show me your start menus !

    Here's mine :)
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    Cortana and Continuum expected in Jan '15 Technical Preview

    tested and even after update, no continuum and cortona seem broken. edit: since 9879 build you can enable a piece of continuum with a registry key source :
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    Cortana and Continuum expected in Jan '15 Technical Preview

    I found around the web that continuum is enable on the latest leak build 9901. Could you confirm that ? I'm downloading the ISO right now. source:
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    i5 vs i7 performance

    Here some brut performance of both Surface : there is no huge différence. SuperPi 1M SP3 i5 128 : 13'235 SP3 i7 256: 11'409 Wprime 32M (4 threads) SP3 i5 128 : 20'001 SP3 i7 256 : 19'751 3DMark06 1280x1024 SP3 i5 128 (HD4400) : 1825/2384/2967 TOTAL: 5559 SP3 i7 256 (HD5000) : 2020/2341/2927...
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    [PHOTO] album of your Surface Pro 3 desk set up

    New Arrival today : 4 SP3 i5 128. An occasion to me to arrange my desk and take some pics :
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    MUI apps not opening

    There is also Windows App Troubleshouter available here :
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    Windows 10 Preview on Surface Pro 3

    Is continuum here ?
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    screenshots problem with pen

    Hello, Check if you have the kb2968599 installed.
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    Improving SSD performance

    I disabled Bitlocker since the first day. Everytime i receive a new computer, i bench it : here are the SSD Bench on my 3 Surface Pro (1-2-3) Surface Pro 1 (64GB) : Seq 470,8 / 110,5 512K 384,5 / 102,9 4K 20,10 / 38.93 4K QD32 134.6 / 81.66...
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    personalize display with Docking station

    Hi, with my first surface Pro 1, i did a cmd which change theme, change wifi adapter settings, and logout in order to apply the proper dpi scaling. here an example : "C:\Program Files (x86)\ThemeTool.exe" changetheme "C:\Users\XXX\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Themes\DualScreen.theme"...
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    new intel driver

    Yes, before the 3977 i was with the last driver provided by Intel.
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    new intel driver

    nothing yet, but the Intel Control Panel is here now

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