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  1. ZachBui

    Can't find sleep mode option?

    Do you guys see any option for sleep mode. I checked everywhere in power options but couldn't find it Thanks!
  2. ZachBui

    Power Cover Functionality?

    Hi Guys, long time no talk, I recently got a power cover for my surface pro. I don't know if this is intended behavior, but my volume keys and front windows logo no longer works. When I deattach the power cover they are back to working. Any ideas?
  3. ZachBui

    Searching is slow and cpu is up to 100%?

    Did anyone run into this issue. I probably had it going for a while, but I can't remember. Anyway, anytime I search(i.e swipe to open charms and search) the search process takes a long time, and causes my cpu to skyrocket. The fans start to go on after a while. Anyone encountered this, or has...
  4. ZachBui

    Can't play to Xbox 360

    I used to be able easily playto my xbox 360 option to watch my videos or listen to music. Ever since the latest updates/firmware.. When I use the play to option/devices screen it doesn't detect the xbox 360. Any suggestions on what I can try next?
  5. ZachBui

    Music and Video indexing?

    For some reason, my videos and music stopped loading new songs/vids. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling video and music apps, but they stop at some point. I tried to rebuild the index, and that doesn't work either. Is there a limit in how much music and videos will show up in the those 2...
  6. ZachBui

    Surface RT Jailbreak Release

    1) Simply download the following zip file and extract/drag the folder onto your Desktop: RT 2) Swipe from the right, and open the charms menu and click search 3) Search for powershell and toggle it to run as admin 4) Type the following without quotes into powershell to get the...
  7. ZachBui

    HowTo Free Up Hard Drive Space Compilation

    I'd thought it would be nice to have a compiled thread of what space saving ways are out there Mr.NK Add Music/Video/Picture content to SD Description: By...
  8. ZachBui

    [how-to] Adding Flash Site through Command Prompt easily

    NOTE 1: This allows you to add flash sites from the command prompt. Once setup, you can just run these batch files and you don't have to worry about going into the xml file, scrolling down to find /Flash, and adding your entry ever again. NOTE 2: These batch files will create a Backup directory...
  9. ZachBui

    [how-to] Clear specific or all live tiles information

    Clear Live Tile Cache (Specific) - The video shows how to clear the live tile for the photos app Problem: Deleting the photo results in the photo still appearing on the live tile (General Outline) 1) Delete the photo you want to delete 2) Run the command from the command line as an...
  10. ZachBui

    File History enable?

    For the life of me I can't figure out why I can't open File History. I have a formated usb, and it's plugged in. When clicking on file history nothing happens
  11. ZachBui

    About Download speed

    Is there a reason the download speed is a bit slow, and it seems a bit sluggish when using the browser. Does it correlate to the fact that the surface has yet to be optimized yet? Other than that I love the surface! I use it for my business and use one note quite a bit. It's very portable...
  12. ZachBui

    Video/music app issues?

    This happened to me when I was playing a video and constantly rewinding back in multi-task. After constantly hitting the rewind button to go backwards in the video, the audio stutters and produces an unpleasent sound. I have to restart the surface to fix the issue. Would this be just a...

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