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    Screen Protector for SP3

    You might as well start adding those plastic keyboard covers for all our surface type covers o_0. Oh the good ole days.
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    New Firmware - July 8, 2014

    You must have done something wrong, the wireless driver in that package is "DriverVer=06/03/2014,15.68.3042.79". At least for the "Surface Pro 3 - July" file... did you download the wrong one perhaps...
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    New Firmware - July 8, 2014

    Release day owner, no update as of yet, installed the 6/19 only. Still running on factory drivers as the3 5/14 driver sucks for Bluetooth and wireless. What a pain to have to wait. At least provide a downloaded file gezz. Edit;
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    is there a voice input keyboard? or swipe?

    Correct don't believe that's possible without using that toolbar they have.
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    Remote Desktop Slow When Not Plugged In

    Even tho you revert, I believe you still need to put the WiFi device into its High Performance mode. Although 95% of the time, I'm fine now, I still have an occasionally hiccup, which I imagine will be resolved with a future update. This is all related to the terrible power management this...
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    Full Res anyone?

    Yes, I am. Always have. Always will. I'll go blind before I use scaling. I'm a perfectionist, everything must match. I don't care to run into little quirks where some applications are blurry.
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    SP3 hardware not supported by RHEL 6

    Can you test run another virtual operating system? Don't you need to turn on Virtualization in the BIOS of these machines before being able to do that?
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    is there a voice input keyboard? or swipe?

    Yes, its not swype but it works. As much as anything else just takes time to adjust to its differences. But it helps speed up typing ten fold and does work.
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    Local vs. Microsoft account- why or why not

    I guess this puts me in the minority, I haven't used a Microsoft Account once. I'd consider myself a power user, and do not in anyway want my personal information stored with another company. I'll configure manually anyday. Now in regards to customers of mine that I setup that are NOT power...
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    is there a voice input keyboard? or swipe? Gesture Typing :). Enjoy.
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    Any Happy SP3 users?

    Why not just use Steam Streaming? Heck, even if you want on the go, given that its limited to local network, use a technology like OpenVPN. Then you can remote into your own network and steam stream that way! Its how I do it.
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    How to set resolution to 1440x960 without scaling.

    Its probable with Intel Display Drivers directly from Intel. (be careful with this! there is a reason Microsoft provides the drivers for this device as its very unique!) I remember back there was an application for running custom resolutions when they are not supported by the display. However...
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    Any Happy SP3 users?

    Replaced my Surface Pro 1st, happier than a pig in %^&*. You can wait out anything when it comes to products these days. Ultimately its your decision... with your money... right now. I've waited long enough, form factor upgrades far surpass specifications when it comes to upgrades like these...
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    Returning both Surface Pro 3's we got at work...

    I find it idiotic to return devices with post-launch jitters (short of a known hardware failure). So what, the device has problems, Microsoft has been fantastic with updates to the Surface line and I expect nothing less in the coming months. So unless this was the ONLY device you have, I would...
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    Event 37, being limited by system firmware

    Although I can't specifically mention, if you use "powercfg" via command line you can manipulate the windows related power management. But firmware level is just that, firmware. Nothing you can do can modify this. You will have to wait for a update from Microsoft to possibly better manage...
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    For those who are having WLAN Issues - (Possible Fix - Tested for the last 48 hours)

    When connected to your AC Router, what speed is the network adapter when idle?
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    This has to go back...

    Or you could use Steam Streaming... works flawlessly for me.
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    Wifi on Battery

    Although the sleep issue is still present and the latency still appears to be somewhat of an issue. After using this to work this evening remotely, I can confirm the overall connection is ten-fold better with this setting. FYI to this interested to try this out, by setting 000 to be 002 it...
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    30 Day Return Policy... - Calendar Reminder Has Been Set

    My biggest issue is the throttling due to the smaller profile/connected standby. However coming from a Surface Pro 1st Generation, I'm very happy with my purchase. It feels great, and a device like this is about the feel. In regards to the "issues". I have no doubt in my mind they will be...
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    Microsoft Complete Coverage

    Up to 45days after purchase right?

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