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    problems after july update

    wynand32 I have the same issue (using a SP4). In fact when the taskbar/notification button freezes, everything else has issues too (Edge, IE, Chrome etc.). Also the sound driver doesn't seem to work and there is no sound at all. However, a simple restart of the Surface and all is fixed. Funnily...
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    Light bubble when touching screen

    hi - thanks to the user who linked to my similar issue. I am now beginning to think this is more of a driver/recent update conflict as i'm reading more and more similar issues occurring in the past couple of weeks. I have just done the 'switch off visual feedback on touch' in settings and the...
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    Duplicate/ghost touch press

    Okay, interesting.. like I said, thanks all for responses. When I have a couple of quieter weeks I'll probably backup and refresh (any tips for a Nov 15 version of Win 10 so I don't have to go through the major update?) and if it still doesn't work, then I'll contact MS.
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    Duplicate/ghost touch press

    hi Amar - did yours occur from as soon as you purchased the SP4 though? I never had an issue until perhaps 4 weeks ago.. which happens to tie in with the latest driver date.
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    Duplicate/ghost touch press

    Thanks for the replies, and yes - Yillbs, it's not my palm resting on the screen - though worth checking ;) Given the other reported similar issues, I think its more likely driver issues than hardware. Think I'm prepared to wait for now until a future update (as they seem to be coming quite...
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    Duplicate/ghost touch press

    Hi So I am quite enjoying my SP4 (had since release) and together with Win10 offers a really good portable device. Anyway, recently I noticed that when using the touch screen (with my fingers) sometimes there is a ghost 'touch' at the top of the screen. It doesn't happen on every press, and...
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    Convince me to buy the SP4 despite so many issues

    I agree completely with this last sentence in particular. The $/£s saved with going for the i5/256GB will go towards Christmas gifts for my friends/family and my PS4. On an additional note for the topic, since the latest push of updates from MS, I must say I have noticed a dramatic decrease in...
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    very slow on startup

    My SP4 is super quick as well, as long as .... 1) the keyboard is not flipped back, or 2) I have no usb drives plugged in. Otherwise it takes much longer, but still bearable.
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    Just new SP4 display crashing

    Yes - its a common issue. Just keep checking windows update until its all up-to-date. Also, if you google Surface Pro 4 drivers - Microsoft's download website has an API you can run which I did also just to make sure the drivers were uptodate as can be. Others have found doing a clean install...
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    Resetting Surface Pro 4

    rsutcliffe - I feel your pain as I have experienced some similar issues with stability etc. I love my iPhone because its simple and does what it does very very well. If you wanted a device for design/drawing I probably would go for the iPad pro, as with the iPad, give it 6 months to a year and...
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    Resetting Surface Pro 4

    I would stick with the 6%. I remember updating the November Win10 update and it took almost 4 hours in total! (and that was after the download). There is a small chance you do have a HDD defect or something if you're unlucky, but by the sounds of it all your issues are mostly software related or...
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    Bought the Surface Pro 4 today. (An upgrade from Surface Pro 2)

    hmm interesting to see you got the 256GB version, but will store your docs on the (slower) SSD card. I too did get an SSD card but using that to store BBC iplayer downloads (for travel) and the odd game I installed from steam. I do however use OneDrive for my default file storage which is on my...
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    Best drawing program?

    To be honest I quite like Fresh Paint which comes as standard... haven't tried any others yet.
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    Display Driver Crashing

    So, although I don't get it too often, the odd website does cause the display driver to crash (I am using IE instead of Edge for 90% of my browsing). I have installed all latest updates and using SP4/256GB/8GB. Today I noticed the error which appeared (see attached) noted the display driver for...
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    Convince me to buy the SP4 despite so many issues

    Its interesting reading people's experiences of their SP4. I love apple products. I am definitely more of a style than techy person and had quite a difficult decision to make between a SP4 and Mac book pro (the MB air screen just doesn't cut it). It came down to the portability. What MS has done...
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    Quick Q: SP4 i5 limited or full touch support

    Ah thanks! So they've just dropped the "full" or "limited" terminology..
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    Quick Q: SP4 i5 limited or full touch support

    Hi Pretty much in the title, I noticed the other day that in Computer properties it says "Pen and limited touch support with 10 touch points". I'm on the SP4 i5 256GB/8GB. It seems strange that a new 'high-end' device such as the SP4 would only have limited touch support? I don't have any...
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    Crazy theory? Is Edge responsible for Surface woes?

    Having had the SP4 since Friday I have too witnessed a breadth of issues and bugs. I guess it's a consequence of having the latest in portable hardware and a Windows OS. Of course as iOS developed there are more issues/bugs on the iPhone and iPad, albeit I must admit not as many as Win10, but...
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    USB hub with Ethernet connection

    I know - it's the best solution but also costs £165! ($200) :-( Just wondered if people had used Ethernet in a USB hub and not noticed any slowdown or internet outage.
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    USB hub with Ethernet connection

    Thanks, I was hoping the Ethernet port on the hub would not be affected by the power draw. Unfortunately the power USB hubs I've seen don't have the Ethernet port, so I'd have to buy an Ethernet adapter as well as the hub.

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