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    Duplicate/ghost touch press

    Hi So I am quite enjoying my SP4 (had since release) and together with Win10 offers a really good portable device. Anyway, recently I noticed that when using the touch screen (with my fingers) sometimes there is a ghost 'touch' at the top of the screen. It doesn't happen on every press, and...
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    Quick Q: SP4 i5 limited or full touch support

    Hi Pretty much in the title, I noticed the other day that in Computer properties it says "Pen and limited touch support with 10 touch points". I'm on the SP4 i5 256GB/8GB. It seems strange that a new 'high-end' device such as the SP4 would only have limited touch support? I don't have any...
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    USB hub with Ethernet connection

    Hi (new poster here ;) ) Basically I've procured a SP4 (with 256GB storage) to replace my slightly old PC so I will have essentially a smarter laptop/PC. I use PS3/PS4 for gaming which I think is getting more wise and cost effective these days. However, having a couple of external USB 3.0 HDDs...

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