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    SB2 Power button

    I just recently went for it and picked up a new SB2 i7/512GB 13" and really enjoy it. I also have a SP3 and SP4. Using the latter mostly for business and the SB2 as another option for business and personal when travelling depending on how much horsepower I want to have. I like it a lot for...
  2. PCAnyWhere

    Type Cover - skin isn't too tough

    Hey all, I have only owned my SP3 with Type Cover since November. While I do blame this squarely on the way I was using it, my type cover cover in the corner has ripped through. Just a warning that it isn't as tough as some (including me) might think. I was on an airplane and with the small...
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    Sleep is not really sleep

    I have discovered multiple times now that when I'm packing up to leave the office that I put my SP3 to sleep. Probably at least 3 times with the type cover closed method and 3 times with the power button and I put my SP3 in my bag or put it away only to return hours later from commuting or back...
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    System Firmware Update 2014-11-18 re-updated?

    Hey all, I had a "new" update require a restart and when I looked at history it was the "System Firmware Update - 2014-11-18" update, dated 2014-12-28 as the successful install date. However I was fairly certain that this must have been applied earlier and when I scanned further down the list...
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    Secondary Monitor scaling

    While I have pretty much chalked this up to a MSFT Windows 8.1 issue but am interested in hearing what are your experiences with using a second monitor. When in the office I plug in, via VGA, a 1920x1080 LCD and USB mouse and keyboard (via USB hub). The 150% that I use for the SP3 native is...

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