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    Factory reset?

    As much as I love my Surface Pro I lost my job and need to sell it for financial reasons. I obviously don't want to sell it with anything on it, so I want to wipe it completely to have it ready for someone else to enjoy. Is there an easy way to completely reset the Surface Pro? Thanks in advance.
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    Microsoft Surface Pro vs. Haswell lineup

    Since Haswell is very close, I've been trying to decide the fate of my Surface Pro. I originally bought my Pro for a job, but plans fell through and I ended up keeping it for college classes for CAD/Notes/Sketching/etc. Well, classes are over for now and I don't return until late August. That...
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    Where can I find the OEM stylus at a reasonable price?

    After a few months with the pro it finally happened. I reached in my pocket to take out my stylus and it wasn't there. I searched everywhere but I traveled to many places today to backtrack everyplace. I've seen posts about alternative pens, but they all seem to be lacking in some way or...
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    Pro and awful spell check/intuitive text.

    One thing I loved about my android tablet was using Swipe and Swiftkey, as the intuitive text input and spell check made typing exremely fast with the virtual keyboard. Sadly, the Pro is the exact opposite. The intuitive text input is almost always wrong, and shows up after about 80-90%n of...
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    Pro overheated, won't power back on

    EDIT: Issue solved Like the topic says; I was doing some work on my pro, nothing to power hungry; just some excel spreadsheets and music playing in the background (it was still plugged in). I was using the type cover w/ a wireless mouse, and all of a sudden the Pro just shut off completely...
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    Best USB GPS reciever for the Surface Pro

    As of right now I am using my Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 for offline GPS, but I would like to be able to use my Pro instead. I have an old Sprint USB 3g/gps dongle, but I would like to see what else is available, and which works best for the Pro. It would also be nice if it was free of any...
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    What Surface Pro improvements would you like to see in Windows Blue?

    Windows Blue is the codename for Windows 9 (supposedly) and the alpha has already been leaked online. What improvements would you like to see in it to improve your experience on the Surface Pro? Personally I would like a setting in windows (w/o the need for 3rd party apps) to turn off the...
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    Surface Pro vibration/tactile feedback?

    I am not 100%, but I am pretty sure I remember my Pro having vibration/tactile feedback when I bought it; i.e. when the Windows button was touched on the border of the device. Now, there is none; I am unaware if it was because of updates or what, but the device seems to have completely lost...
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    Type Keyboard constantly switching to function commands

    Ever since yesterday my Type Keyboard keeps randomly changing to function commands. Sometimes even while I am in the middle of typing, it will change so that all the keyboard keys start doing keyboard shortcuts instead of normally typing... I can't for the life of my figure out why it is...
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    Hackintosh status?

    The only thread I saw on OSX on the Pro was from the initial Pro release and nothing after. I am wondering if anyone has seen any updates regarding it's compatibility with the Pro? It seems like the Pro would be the perfect candidate for a optimized Hackintosh build. If I remember correctly...
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    Bluetooth Mouse options

    Hello, I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions on a good Bluetooth mouse to use with the Surface Pro. I have been looking around, and I am kind of surprised at the lack of Bluetooth support available these days. It seems like a few years ago everything was Bluetooth... but now things...
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    Splashtop gaming on the Surface Pro

    While it is nice that the Pro can handle a of games on low to medium settings, I prefer to stream games via Splashtop to my Pro in order to get the best possible quality (Tomb Raider on Ultimate @ 1080p on the Pro is a sight to behold haha). Running all settings on ultra over a solid wifi...
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    Keyboard alternatives

    Hello, I need some opinions on which keyboard I should use for my Surface Pro. Each has their pros and cons and I can't seem to make up my mind. I have a Logitech Bluetooth mini keyboard from my last Tablet (Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1). It was designed for Android, but I am sure it would be...

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