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    Heating, fan ON and Memory drain

    As you can see the CPU is quiet... but the memory usage is still high.
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    Any tips to reduce or prevent the fan from starting up

    In my case the "System" is using a lot of memory... I change the indexing options like was instructed, but it doesn't solve my problem. (SP3 i5)
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    Heating, fan ON and Memory drain

    Hi! Since I Update to windows 10 the fan stay on all the time and around 40% of memory is used all the time, even if I'm not using my surface. How can I solve this?
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    High temperature of battery when connected to power

    Hi! Since I installed windows 10, the temperature of the magnetic connector at my SP3 is really high when it's on power! Do I need to change any configuration? Thanks! Please... anyone...

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