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    Windows update - cause camera to fail

    System 7 Pro, Domain client First, I cannot fathom why there are so many Intel, Surface, Realtek updates to the system... on a weekly basis. I posted earlier about camera fail after upgrade to current build of windows; however, loss of camera function is more pervasive. I now have a...
  2. J

    Problems with MS Surface Pro 7 system updates

    Surface Pro 7; 256GB drive, Windows 10 Pro build 2004, domain member This is a follow up to my earlier post on camera fail after WSUS update. What I instituted is a spreadsheet of each MS WSUS presented Surface7 update and the system status post update. I do a regular system restore point...
  3. J

    Cameras fail after upgrade to build 2004 Windows10

    New SurfacePro7 came with 1909 build. I brought it to current update levels and installed all my software (Office 2013, etc.).. I then configured Hello Face" for signon. It worked just fine. However, When I upgraded to build 2004, all cameras went to "POWER FILURE" and "Hello Face" could not...

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