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  1. gwinegarden

    Missing Mail

    A strange one! I received an email, the other day. When I went back, today, to refer to it, using the Mail app on my Surface, it was not there. But, when I searched for the author, it appeared. Went back to the in box and, again, it was not there! Grabbed my phone and brought up mail and...
  2. gwinegarden

    Very strange issue postin here

    Just recently, I have been having serious issues posting to this site. All on-screen keyboards are going insane. Sometimes, I have to hit a letter several time before it appears. Sometimes, the wrong letter appears. Sometimes, the letter appears then disappears. This occurs only on this...
  3. gwinegarden

    Remote Desktop setup on S2

    I am trying to setup Remote Desktop, on my Surface2. All documentation, that I have seen, shows that you go to Control Panel/System Properties/Remote. There, you should see two sections, one where you turn on Remote Assistance and, below that, one for Remote Desktop. I do not see the Remote...
  4. gwinegarden

    Surface 2 didn't want to turn on today

    I got a bit of a scare, this morning. I had plugged my S2 in and put it to sleep (hit the power button), last night. When I picked it up, and hit the button, this morning, nothing happened! Hit it again, nothing. Held the button down for several seconds, still nothing. Thought I was in big...
  5. gwinegarden

    Surface 2 complete image

    I am trying to understand why Microsoft does not give us the ability to create a complete backup image on USB and use it tonrecover. After all the S2 is only 32 or 64 GB and an image would fit on an inexpensive key. After my adventure, today, when my S2 pooched, I really see the advantage of...
  6. gwinegarden

    8.1 on Surface 2 pooched, today

    No idea what happened. I had been using the S2 for some time and then I noticed two things, while looking around. First it said auto updates were not on (they had been), so I turned them back on, then I found a Windows Defender Update waiting, so I installed it. Then, it started acting...
  7. gwinegarden

    Calendar Defaults

    I have been searching all over for an answer to this, with no luck. When I create a new entry in my Calendar (Metro), it defaults to an all day event, with 18 hour notification. Unfortunately, I cannot find a way to change this. This does not happen in either outlook or on Any...
  8. gwinegarden

    Strange Sound Issue

    I just came across a very strange issue. I started hearing an occasional popping noise, in the speakers. So, I rebooted and then I had no sound whatsoever! I, finally, shut down and restarted. The sound came back. I'm hoping that this was a one-off.

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