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    Problems with 4k monitor

    I am having problems connecting my Surface Book v1 to a 4k monitor. I first tried connecting to the monitor's DisplayPort input via the Surface Dock 1. I can sometimes get it to display for a minute or two, but it eventually just starts flashing off and on. I then tried connecting using DP on...
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    Max external display resolution for Surface Book 1?

    Can the surface Book 1 support an external display at 5120 x 1440 resolution? I would not need the internal display at the same time. Also, same question for the Surface Book 2. Thank you!
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    Surface Pro, Surface Go, or another tablet for note taking?

    I am looking for a tablet to complement a Surface Book version 1. Main use will be OneNote for taking handwritten notes, web browsing, email, and some light Word & Excel. My main priority: #1 ... must be stable and quick to turn on and get to work. Nothing more frustrating to me than sitting...
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    No Surface Book 2?

    So, is it confirmed there will be no Surface Book 2?
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    How do I install the Intel graphics control panel?

    I ran across a thread the other day that described how to add a custom display resolution for the Surface Book with 50Hz. Unfortunately, I can't find that thread at the moment. It called for using the Intel graphics control panel. I am unable to figure out how to run/install that utility. Can...
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    Does the Surface Book work with Thunderbolt 2.0?

    Pardon the probably stupid question... Does the Surface Book work with ThundBolt monitor?
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    Any advice? Dual monitors not working through Surface dock.

    I am having trouble getting my external monitors working through the surface dock. They flash on and off. Sometimes they work for a minute, then they start flashing off and on again. Either one connected directly to the surface works fine. I'm trying to set them as extended, with the Surface...
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    How to - external monitor and scaling

    I'm trying to figure out how best to configure scaling to work with an external monitor(s). Right now, I have my Surface Book connected to the Surface Dock. When docked, I am using an external monitor with a resolution of 2560 x 1080. Display is set to ONLY use the external monitor. When I go...
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    Solved Anyone experience VPN problems with their SB?

    Anyone experienced VPN connection problems with their Surface Book? I have a Surface Pro 3 and Surface Book. Both have an identically configured VPN connection. The Pro 3 works fine. The Surface Book will not connect. The only difference I can figure is that that on the Pro 3, the VPN was...
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    Buy keyboard section only?

    Do you think at some point Microsoft might sell just the keyboard part of the Surface Book? I'd love to have one keyboard at the office and one at home. I suppose the fact that there are multiple versions (i.e. with and without dGP) makes this more complicated and less likely?
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    Any chance we might see a "mini" dock for Surface Book?

    Any chance we might see a "mini" dock for Surface Book? I really just need a video out port (and maybe USB) that I could use with the Surface Book in clipboard mode.
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    Will the dGPU make much difference for me?

    Wondering if an i5 version with dGPU will make much difference for my usage scenario: 80% of my usage is Office apps (Outlook, Word, Excel, and OneNote mostly). I occasionally use an older version of PhotoShop CS3 for touching up photos and InDesign CS6 for some basic brochures. I do plan to...
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    SP 4 Core M3 vs SP3 Core i5?

    Anyone know what to expect in terms of performance between the new Surface Pro 4 with the Core M3 compared to the current Surface Pro 3 sporting the Core i5? The i5 in my SP3 more than meets my performance needs. Wondering if I would see a performance drop if I went with an SP4 running the Core...
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    Is there a SP3 portfolio that allows use of kickstand?

    Is anyone aware of a portfolio style case for the SP3 that still allows for use of the kickstand? Something similar to this, but still allowing use of the SP3's kickstand? I'd like: Something professional for meetings Has a pen holder (2 pen holders would be even better - second for a real pen)...
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    Geab and go. Is there an alternative to a dock?

    At the office, I want to use my Pro with a full size keyboard, mouse, external monitor, and preferably wired Ethernet. I need to be able to grab and go multiple times throughout the day. Plugging and unplugging multiple cables will inhibit my usage. Can anyone suggest a solution?
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    Can't Insert Paragraph Break When Posting on These Forums

    Is anyone else having problem entering paragraph breaks when typing a message in this forum? I have tried from the desktop IE browser of both a Windows 8 Pro machine and a Surface RT machine. I hit enter, but don't get a paragraph break. Annoying!
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    Do Surface RT and Surface Pro use the same Touch/Type keyboards?

    Do Surface RT and Surface Pro use the same Touch/Type keyboards? I just tried the Type keyboard at Staples yesterday. It felt much thinner than I expected and yet the keys still felt really good. I'm tempted to pick one up, but only want to spent the money if I can also use it with the Pro.
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    Volume and screen slider appears and the disappears right away?

    Has anyone else noticed this... swipe in from right, choose settings, select either volume or screen setting and the control slider appears and then disappears immediately. Second click pretty much always work fine.
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    Dock style keyboard possible?

    Any possibility of a dock style keyboard from MS or from a 3rd party? I'm thinking something like the one for the Asus VivoTab RT. I'd like to be able to type with the surface on my lap.
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    Why the unusual interface for the AC adapter?

    Is there a functional reason for this? Allows for faster charging? Something else? I can't stand it, so at least tell me it servers a purpose.

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