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  1. deldalton

    Connecting SP2 to a Wireless Display: Has anyone done this yet?

    I came across the following article on Microsoft's website ... Connect Surface Pro or Surface Pro 2 to a TV, monitor or projector The article suggests that you can connect your Surface Pro 2 to a wireless display. Has anyone tried this yet? If so, did you have any problems connecting to...
  2. deldalton

    Firmware Update, October 24th - Problem?

    I restored my SP2 to its factory settings today because I wanted to create a clean recovery disk. When I downloaded all available Important Windows Updates I discovered that the firmware update, dated October 24th, had removed my wireless adapter so I was unable to connect to the internet...
  3. deldalton

    Creating recovery media; will an 8GB USB Flash Drive suffice?

    Just a quick question. I'd like to create some recovery media for my SP2, as soon as possible (as it'll free up space and mean that I have recovery media not stored locally on the device). I had a quick look last night and confirmed that I need 8GB of space to create recovery media. Is that...
  4. deldalton

    What are the advantages of using a local account?

    I've read numerous posts here advising that most people do not want to sign in with a Microsoft account and instead use a local account. What I don't fully understand is why? Can someone please elaborate the reason(s) why anyone might prefer to use a local account, rather than a Microsoft...
  5. deldalton

    Touch/Type Cover - Is having one essential?

    The SP2 is the first tablet I will have owned, and I'm curious to hear everyone's thoughts on the Touch/Type covers. If I buy one at all it will most likely be the Touch cover. But, do you think that owning one of these accessories is definitely essential to allow you to take advantage of...
  6. deldalton

    Using the Surface Pro 2 and the Pen with GIMP

    Good day, Now, I know that the Surface Pro 2 hasn't been released yet so I appreciate there may not be an answer to this question yet. But, I'm considering pre-ordering one and I don't want to regret my choice. I would like to use the Surface Pro 2 as my primary device, as a productivity tool...

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