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  1. Ecnad

    The Wish List

    What would you like to see in the future from MS and the Surface family? Me, I would LOVE a docking system that let you dock and charge your Surface, while using it as a second screen 9and touch screen) for your home PC.
  2. Ecnad

    Surface RT Unboxing Thoughts/Pics

    I like the packaging. Heavy box. All the seals have pull tabs for damage free opening and removal of the product. Tablet itself is completely covered in plastic. The keyboard magnets are strong, and "snapped" the cover into place without me having to fiddle to get the contacts right. The...
  3. Ecnad

    Windows 8 is Live!

    Microsoft Windows you can now Download Windows Pro for $39.99. Add $15 if you want a physical install DVD as well.
  4. Ecnad

    OMG My iPad is Outdated Again!

    LOL, Apple announcing 4th gen ipad today, just six months after 3rd gen. maybe Surface can get me out of this viscous cycle!
  5. Ecnad

    What Led You to Surface (Past Tablet Use)

    What tablets have you tried/owned, and why did you decide to get a surface? I own and love my ipad for gaming and news/weather when away from my big box computer, but I don't see it as a business tool. I had a Dell Streak, but didn't care for it, or Android. Maybe I was spoiled by the iOS...
  6. Ecnad

    Signature Suggestion?

    Was thinking a good use of our signature lines could be to list our three basic computer lines (Computer, Tablet, Phone) that we use. Would be interesting to see the actual purchases of folks to better udnerstand their ideas (ie: someone with all Mac products, that seems to hate MS.) I did it in...
  7. Ecnad

    Mike from Birmingham, AL

    I'm Mike, 37 years old and live in Birmingham. Ordered the 32gb RT with touch cover. I have and love my iPad, but my computer of choice has always been PC, so looking forward to trying something that will let me move files and messages back and forth without converters or clunky 3rd party apps...

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