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  1. deldalton

    Build quality question.

    I've heard the odd clicking noise when applying pressure around the edge of my screen (if I pick it up awkwardly from the corners or edge etc.). Unless you think the clicking is excessive and you can see some major movement I really wouldn't worry.
  2. deldalton

    Battery not charging to 100%

    This sounds fun! I'll try it this evening ... ;)
  3. deldalton

    Questionable quality control, and my third RMA process.

    All I can say (and I hope you take this positively) is that I haven't had a problem with my SP2. And, they're (I mean the whole range) definitely one of the best products (the best in my opinion) on the market. I would highly recommend trying to get another unit.
  4. deldalton

    Surface pro case- where to get one!

    Kayzee. I've very interested in the Nixon case, and I'm situated in the UK so I'd have to import it too I suspect. What I'd like to know is how you've been getting on with it? Does the zipped pocket have enough room for the charger? EDIT: Actually, I've seen one of your posts in another...
  5. deldalton

    anyone's fans come on yet?

    Yeah, I also haven't heard my fans kick in once.
  6. deldalton

    How to alt crtl del on surface pro

    Or you could carefully etch it in with a compass ... ;)
  7. deldalton

    Discharged over night

    Unfortunately, I don't quite understand your point. Now, if you're going to "shut it down every few minutes" then it's reasonable to put it into Sleep. If you're not going to use it all night, however, then I see no reason why you couldn't switch it off. It really takes only a few seconds to...
  8. deldalton

    Surface pro 2 playing crysis 3 and SFIV

    Please come back to us about this. I'd be very interested in this (providing it's well put together, of course ... ;)).
  9. deldalton

    How to alt crtl del on surface pro

    Love this guy!
  10. deldalton

    Surface 3... what do you want!?

    I would consider a larger device. That is, a larger screen. I would only consider this, however, if the device was lighter. I use the device primarily as a tablet. There's the possibility that a wider and taller device may be harder to balance if the weight was not reduced. But, without the...
  11. deldalton

    Discharged over night

    If you know that you're putting the device down for more than 5 minutes then I would highly recommend actually shutting down the device rather than putting it to sleep.
  12. deldalton

    Power Button Menu?

    Exactly. The button on top of the device cannot independently switch off the screen. As Dane has explained, it can either Do Nothing, put the device to Sleep or Hiberante, or Shutdown the device. I also have a similar setup to Dane, that automatically switches off the screen after so many...
  13. deldalton

    Surface Pro 2 Mod Gaming

    This is actually pretty cool. What I'd really like to see is it built into a well finished clip on case, so that I have the freedom to remove it.
  14. deldalton

    Connecting SP2 to a Wireless Display: Has anyone done this yet?

    Added to my Amazon wishlist ... ;)
  15. deldalton

    Connecting SP2 to a Wireless Display: Has anyone done this yet?

    Thanks! I'll check that product out.
  16. deldalton

    Connecting SP2 to a Wireless Display: Has anyone done this yet?

    I came across the following article on Microsoft's website ... Connect Surface Pro or Surface Pro 2 to a TV, monitor or projector The article suggests that you can connect your Surface Pro 2 to a wireless display. Has anyone tried this yet? If so, did you have any problems connecting to...
  17. deldalton

    Firmware Update, October 24th - Problem?

    I'll definitely make a habit of doing this going forward. I've just installed the firmware update this evening. Once again, after the initial reboot, the wireless adapter disappeared. However, after performing a second reboot the adapter returned and I'm working away just fine.
  18. deldalton

    Surface Cover Telemetry

    I don't have a Touch or Type cover. Can you confirm why this unknown device appears in my Device Manager? As I've never connected one of the covers I would not have expected the device to appear. And, if it's not needed, I'm happy to disable it or remove it from the Manager.
  19. deldalton

    Keyboard never automatically displays on Metro UI

    The only time I have to call up the keyboard manually is when I use Desktop applications. But, I'm sure that's by design. It may be worth noting, however, that I'm not running the latest firmware update as I did have problems with that. So, you could argue we're running different versions and...
  20. deldalton

    Is there any way to get decent touch response in Firefox?

    I used to really dislike IE, too. But, just like you, I think it's now the best browser available.

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