1. M

    iTunes is Coming to Windows Store

    Microsoft announced at its Build developer event in Seattle that iTunes will be coming to the Windows Store by the end of the year, writes The Verge. Microsoft said that it has been working with Apple to get iTunes made available in the store. As The Verge notes, iTunes is one of the most...
  2. macmee

    Can we talk about battery life? Microsoft says "up to 9 hours"

    Microsoft's website says "up to 9 hours of battery life" the best I ever got was 7:30 hours on windows 8, and never more than 5 hours on windows 10. Has anyone actually gotten 9 hours or does that sound as impossible to you as it does to me? Also you might say: "but they say up to" and that's...
  3. LaramieJoe

    SP3 versus MacBookAir - My Thoughts

    So, I keep a MBA next to my LazyBoy (aptly named) for quick research on IMDB, etc. I keep an SP3 in my briefcase for work and travel. Some observations: The MBA wakes from sleep instantly when the cover is opened. The SP3 never does. I have to tap the power button. The MBA power supply turns...
  4. O

    I switched from a MacBook Pro to a Surface Pro 3 one month ago

    Hi all, I'm new here. Found the forum when Googling for some issues I was having. Anyway, one month ago I was 'forced' to switch to a Surface Pro 3 from my Retina MacBook Pro. Can read about it all here - I switched from a MacBook Pro to a Surface Pro 3 – One Month In – From the blog...
  5. G

    How Apple/Google/Microsoft Are Giving Design A Bad Name

    I think this article hits a lot of good points and they apply to more than just Apple. The article is actually titled How Apple Is Giving Design A Bad Name However, if the shoe fits... Ref: Although the products are...