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    I need to reinstall windows on surface RT!

    I have a surface rt with windows 8.1 and I don't have the bitlocker code. In which way you can reinstall / factory reset the surface without the need of the bitlocker code?. Where to find a Windows installation image compatible with the surface?. Thank you
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    On-Screen keyboard not working after enabling BitLocker encryption

    Hello, Has anyone tried to enable BitLocker encryption on a Surface Studio? We're an organization that requires all our computers (laptops, desktops, slates) to have encryption enabled. We're using Sophos SafeGuard Enterprise to manage the BitLocker native device encryption on all our Windows...
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    Forgot Surface Pro Password

    My child changed my admin password and now can't remember it. I used Rufus to create a usb bootable stick from PCUnlocker Enterprise iso image and it booted successfully on my Surface Pro tablet. But the program couldn't locate the sam file and reset the password. Afterwards I booted with Ubuntu...
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    Bitlocker and surface issues

    Hi Guy i was wondering if any of you have had and issue with bitlocker. Ok so i go a SPro4 for my boss and i turn Bitlocker on. well the problem is that he has 4 monitors and when he turns the surface on he has to open open the surface to enter the pin on the initial login not the windows login...
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    Bitlocker Disable - How to - UEFI - SP4

    I am building Surface Pro 4 machines for a business. Load the corporate image of Windows 10 Enterprise on the SP4. Image loads fine. Operating System looks fine. Run Windows Update. Updates install and system looks stable. Run "manage-bde -status" at a Command Prompt and it says "Used Space...
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    Not Able to Enable Hardware Based Bitlocker Encryption On Surface Pro 4 (Windows 10 Pro)

    Ok, I have a feeling that this is a larger Windows 10 issue, but I am experiencing this with the Surface Pro 4, the ideal test hardware for anything Microsoft, right? :) Here is what we are trying to accomplish: Encrypt our Surface Pro 4's (win 10 Pro) using Hardware-Based Encryption Why? A)...
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    Windows 10 Home and Bitlocker

    I just picked up a surface 3 tablet last week and was having issues with Bitdefender and secure Boot. Anyway I noticed it was asking for a recovery key during advanced boot up and realized the recovery keys were coming from Bitlocker. After logging into windows I realized Bitlocker was in fact...