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    January Preview updates make blank 8.1 login with flashing wifi

    I assisted a family member in getting RT updates working again. The clock was lagging by a month -- despite time sync settings set to time.windows.com -- but anyway, after bringing it a month forward in time, two small sized (30ish MB) important updates and the optional January 2018 Preview...
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    Surface Pro 3 Lines on Screen Flickering.

    Was wondering if anyone has seen this issue or knows of a fix to it. i7 512 GB. More information in the description of the video.
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    Black screen after switching users, unresponsive

    I searched for "black screen" issues in the forum, but no one ever mentioned having the problem when switching user accounts on Surface. I have this problem a lot, my son frequently logs into his account on my Surface and just stays logged in after he puts the machine in sleep mode. When I try...