boot problem

  1. R

    Where can I find all firmwares and drivers

    Hello, Where can I find firmwares and drivers for SP3? It seems I have problems with those since I can't boot normally all the time. My boot is set to SSD but sometimes it is now booting (stucks on Surface logo) like he is trying to boot from USB or network even tho it is not set to those. Then...
  2. R

    Boot problems

    Hello, I am new to this forum. I have Surface Pro 3 with Windows 10. I have noticed that when I have SD card in it or Surface Dock in it, I can't boot. It is stuck on boot logo. But when I boot without those, I can boot normally. Have anyone experienced that? How to fix that? Thank you.
  3. M

    Stuck on "surface" if I disable secure boot

    Hi, I want to try Android x86 but I have to disable secure boot to make a dual boot. The problem is if I disable secure boot the surface doesn't turn on. If I re-enable secure boot the surface starts with no problems. I've tried a lot of time. Is there something more I have to do? Thanks
  4. C

    Doesnt Start

    Hey Guys iam new to this Forum, Since the last Update i made my Surface doesnt start, I tried every Solution on the Microsoft Site, but my Problem isnt on that Site as well. When i press the Startbutton my Surface 3 Blacklight turns on and turned off again in a Loop nothing else happens...
  5. R

    I need help with a boot a OS

    Hi i need some help, a year ago i buy a Surface pro 3, all ok until now, the only problem is the small hard drive capacity only 64Gb, in addition i'm studying system engineering and i dont want to damage the system with the tools to code, my idea is install a windows 10 in a external hdd and...
  6. R

    Solved Unable to boot from USB device (Linux Mint 17)

    I've gone through a bunch of resources online to figure out how to install Mint 17 Cinnamon along side Win10 on the surface book. From what I can tell it should be possible without major issues (outside of probably touch screen compatibility and maybe some other driver issues). I've been unable...
  7. I

    Windows Startup problem after Updates

    Folks, again another great update from Microsoft!! With another firmware update (many still have hope that some day will fix the surface problems). I don't know when microsoft launched it, but I did today (September 22). It broke my windows 8.1 in my surface pro 3. So now my windows doesn't...
  8. CrazyRex

    Surface Pro 3 won't turn on

    Hi everyone, I hope someone could help me here, cuz I'm starting to feel wicked crazy. Yesterday, I turned off my Surface Pro 3 as I do almost everyday. It has been on Windows 10 for a week or two. It never crashed before and went pretty smooth til today. This morning while at work, I tried to...